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  • Swimming season is here

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-May-2015

    Start planning your Arizona stay-vacation now and create your own paradise in your back yard with a newly designed or repaired swimming pool. Do you have a list of things in mind that can enhance your backyard pool? It is not too late to make these repairs, remodels or build the pool or spa of your dreams. Did you know that adding a new swimming pool or remodeling an existing pool can help ...
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  • Is the interior of your pool looking scary?

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Nov-2014

    Is the interior of your swimming pool looking scary? Did you know there are 3 standard interior pool finishes (plaster, quartz, and exposed pebble aggregate finishes), 4 if you include "all tile" which is the least common of all interiors given their cost can be in upwards of four to five times the cost of the others. Many consumers often ask the question which interior finish is right ...
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  • Expert Advice: All you Need to Know About Pool Maintenance and Repairs It is almost that time again…summer! As summer draws near, Texans are slowly getting prepared for the wonderful world of 100° heat. Now, many of us try to beat the heat. Some stay inside as much as possible, while others embrace the heat and take the perfect opportunity to cool off in a POOL! Yes that's right! ...
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  • Summer pool maintenance program tips

    Posted By MyGuy || 18-Apr-2014

    On a blazing summer day in Arizona, where the average high temperatures can range from 95 to 106 degrees, your backyard swimming pool is a welcome respite from the heat. However, to enjoy a refreshing dive into its inviting cool blue water, it is mandatory that a regular pool maintenance program is preformed to prolong its crystal-clear perfection. This can be a tedious job but it is necessary for ...
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  • Swimming season is right around the corner

    Posted By MyGuy || 4-Feb-2013

    Now is the perfect time to work on the pool or spa remodeling, redesign project you have been putting off. Many Phoenix, home owners wait until the swimming season has arrived, to think about all of things that they had in mind for their backyard pool. Now is the time to repair, remodel or build the pool or spa of your dreams. Did you know that adding a new swimming pool or remodeling an existing ...
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  • Winds and pools, not a good combination

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Apr-2012

    High winds can cause issues with your pool.Vegetation surrounding the pool area can also causes big problems for a pool. Too much debris in the pool as a result of windy conditions can cause plugged lines, broken baskets and burned out motors. Keeping your yard well maintained and free of leaves is very important. Also be sure to keep an eye on items that can blow into the pool during high winds ...
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  • Spiff up your pool decking

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Sep-2011

    Living in a very hot climate, it is common to find a swimming pool in many backyards in Arizona. It is important to have a functional and yet attractive pool area. Did you know that many pools have decking made of concrete? With new techniques and products concrete can be finished to give you a distinctive, affordable and often low maintenance look that you want in a variety of finishes. It is ...
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  • Is Your Pool Guy Really a Pro

    Posted By MyGuy || 14-Jul-2011

    The pool industry is a difficult place to find answers these days. It seems like everyone knows a little bit about their pool but when a problem arises they go to the professionals for answers and confusion sets in. You can ask ten "pool pros'" the same question and you might get ten completely different answers. Well that can happen because they are not pool pros at all; they know ...
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  • Potential Maintenance Issues for Your Pool

    Posted By MyGuy || 23-May-2011

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool not only looks great, but is safe to swim in this summer. The warmer temperatures of spring are here and it is time for all pool owners to quickly evaluate potential maintenance issues needed before it is too late and too hot! As water evaporates from your pool, it leaves behind all the calcium and minerals found in water. In time this will cause calcium ...
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  • Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

    Posted By MyGuy || 3-May-2011

    Summer is approaching, and the weather is getting warmer everyday. Your pool can look pretty enticing to small children. Remember to always watch your children around the pool, make sure to latch your pool gates, and keep furniture away from your pool fencing. Some POOL MAINTENANCE TIPS to keep your pool sparkling clear are: - Emptying the basket of leaves and debris - Adjusting your chorine/water ...
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  • New Pool Pump, Savings Today

    Posted By MyGuy || 30-Apr-2011

    Enjoy your pool today and save money too. Are you aware that by installing a variable speed pump, for your new or existing pool you can save you approximately $100 in the first 18 months! This also qualifies you for a $200 saver rebate from APS. To learn more about pool services and pumps contact MyGuy.
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  • How Safe is Your Pool

    Posted By MyGuy || 26-Apr-2011

    Are you in the process of building a swimming pool, or are you an existing pool owner? There are a wide array of quality swimming pool barrier products to help you have a piece of mind, while you enjoy the safe use of your swimming pool year round. One of the most popular products is a self-closing /self-latching devise for sliding glass doors. There are many other products that are available: ...
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  • Pool Finishes Can be Easy on Your Skin

    Posted By MyGuy || 23-Apr-2011

    Did you know that that Pebble Sheen is a new improved product for the inside surface of your pool? It is just as durable as Pebble Tec but much smoother on the skin and easier on suits because it is a polished pebble surface. Want to learn more about these products? Contact MyGuy today before the summer heat arrives.
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  • Get swim ready before the heat gets here

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Feb-2011

    When the warmer weather hits wouldn't you love to be showing off your gorgeous new oasis? By starting now you have the opportunity to find a great company who is experienced and has a proven track record. With advances in pump technology you can take advantage of energy rebates on new, more efficient variable speed pumps and save yourself money for years to come. By adding advanced water ...
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