Cool your backyard as much as 30 degrees

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Cool your backyard as much as 30 degrees

Posted By MyGuy || 5-Jul-2011

Professional Fog and Mist System

There's no denying it; the summer heat is here to stay. But you can escape it by installing a backyard misting system this summer. These systems can cool your backyard, patio or pool areas by as much as 30 degrees. A mist system or fog effects can make your backyard a cool oasis this summer.

  • Low-level fog can help drop the temperature of your backyard, allowing you to move around and enjoy your own backyard.
  • Just like misting systems, fog effects are going to lower the ambient temperature.
  • A professional can install fog near planters and around your pool to enhance the cool effects and feel in the area.

Why call in the professionals?

  1. A professional can install a commercial pump system and high pressure tubing that allows the system to pump cool mist out at 1,000 PSI An average home can only produce 80 PSI
  • Use of stainless steel components
  • Installation of a smart pump-this allows multiple zones This allows multiple zones.
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