Expert tips on how to clean your screens

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Expert tips on how to clean your screens

Posted By MyGuy || 3-Jun-2011

OK. You are ready to clean the screens on your home. You want yours to look like your neighbor's. Grab a flat head and Phillips screwdriver and remove all the screens. One is for turning screws and one for careful prying. The black tabs on the bug screens indicate the way in which you want to push the screens. Push the opposite way of the tabs so that they come free of the tracks they sit in. Sunscreens are easy to remove and are self-explanatory. Separate them so that you can recall where they go and no more than three high, stacking them on a hard flat surface. Read on to learn how and what the pros recommend making this a much easier task.

You will need the following items:

  • broom
  • Tide with bleach alternative
  • a stack of clean hand towels

Mix one cap-full of Tide to four gallons of water. Start with the first stack of three screens: scrubbing the top screen. Stacking them saves on the amount of mix needed to do all the screens. You will need to scrub the sunscreens more vigorously. Scrub, flip and repeat on each screen. When a single bug screen is done, lightly tap the bug screen on the ground to remove excess soap. Lean the bug screen on a fence and snap a towel against the bug screen flicking the soap away. Then use a dry towel to polish both sides of the bug screen. To remove the soap and dirt from a sunscreen you will need to be more persuasive with a garden hose and nozzle. Set the nozzle on fan. Most important is to remember that both types of screens do not like a lot of pressure against the screens themselves. Any excessive pushing against the screens will result in sagginess. Let the screens dry thoroughly and hang. But, if all that seems daunting visit MyGuy and they would be happy to recommend a great company to do the laborious task for you.

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