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  • Are you cleaning your windows with hard water?

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Oct-2014

    Raise your hand if you like cleaning windows! Anyone? Bueller? I’m guessing two people have their hands raised. The rest of us “normal people” don’t tend to enjoy cleaning windows. So how do you keep your windows looking their best all year round? We have 3 tips for you. 1) Watch the water Hard water is a huge problem in the Valley, and it won’t be getting better ...
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  • Sunshades can provide "cool" cash

    Posted By MyGuy || 2-Jul-2014

    Did you know that 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the window? The big trend now in Arizona, is shade screens, also called solar screens. These are the most affordable way to cut your cooling costs for your home. Shade screens can protect your home in ways you never thought possible like your carpet, couches, chairs, and curtains by blocking the UV rays and heat up to 90% (we ...
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  • Is money flying out of your windows?

    Posted By MyGuy || 11-Jun-2014

    Do you know that the windows in our homes can look beautiful and still provide natural sunlight, fresh air through ventilation, and help prevent air loss that is needed to maintain your ideal indoor temperatures? However, if you have a crack in the glass, missing stops or vinyl, you could be just throwing money out of your window. These are just a couple of issues that can dramatically increase ...
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  • How many windows, mirrors, and/or glass do you have in your house? For me, I have 23 windows and 3 mirrors. What do you do when your glass table breaks, or your mirrors chip, or your windows get foggy or break? The best thing you can do is call in a professional! When a window or mirror breaks in your house, the first thing you should do is to stay away from the broken glass! Block off the area so ...
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  • Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, you may look around your home and decide it may be time for an interior facelift. New window coverings can provide that special look that will add to the enjoyment of your home. But do you know what kind of window coverings will be the best choice? The blind and drapery experts recommend that you follow these basic steps to find your ...
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  • How energy efficient are your windows

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Dec-2011

    Today’s window technology is more advanced than ever before due to manufacturers making energy efficiency, comfort, and security a priority. Replacement windows can make your home more comfortable by reducing cooling and heating loss, reducing drafts, and reducing outside noise from entering your home. These windows can save you money every month by reducing your energy consumption and ...
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  • Suncreens Save Money

    Posted By MyGuy || 30-Jun-2011

    Did you know that stopping the sun BEFORE it hits your windows is 7 times more effective than blinds, shutters or curtains? Use Removable sunscreens to block the summer sun, then take them off in the winter - for a typical savings of up to $500 a year for a 2000 sq. ft home. Contact MyGuy to learn more about sunscreens and many more services for your home, office, auto or life’s needs.
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  • Hard Water and Windows

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Jun-2011

    Protect your windows. Do you use hard water? The water that comes out of your garden hose can be lethal to your home’s windows. It is important that you dry them completely because this moisture can lead to hard water stains that can actually etch into the glass over time!
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  • Expert tips on how to clean your screens

    Posted By MyGuy || 3-Jun-2011

    OK. You are ready to clean the screens on your home. You want yours to look like your neighbor's. Grab a flat head and Phillips screwdriver and remove all the screens. One is for turning screws and one for careful prying. The black tabs on the bug screens indicate the way in which you want to push the screens. Push the opposite way of the tabs so that they come free of the tracks they sit in. ...
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  • Save money this summer with window tinting film

    Posted By MyGuy || 16-May-2011

    Have you ever thought about adding Window Tinting Film to your windows? They can block 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays and lower your home's interior temperature by about 10 percent. They can also reduce that glare on your TV, help prolong the life of your carpeting, wall coverings and furniture while providing privacy and security. To learn more about how window tinting film can lower your ...
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  • Keep the Heat Out of Your Home

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2011

    Summer is coming and for we Arizonans, that means hot! And as much as we enjoy the pool season, we don't enjoy the increased energy bills and the UV rays streaming into our homes. Window treatments will help keep the heat out of your home and will prevent UV damage to furniture, draperies, and flooring. Don't be blinded by the many types of window treatments available – choose what ...
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  • Shade options for your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Apr-2011

    This is the time of year that family and friends gather around in the backyard to enjoy the great weather. Now is the time to upgrade your leisure space with a variety of shade options. Add shade and beauty while improving the value of your home, saving on utility bills, and protecting your indoor furnishings. Attractive retractable awnings can help you enjoy the shade when you need it or the sun ...
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  • Window Tinting Can Save You Money

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-Apr-2011

    Have you ever thought about window tinting? Window Tinting Films block 99.9percent of ultraviolet rays and can lower your home's interior temperature by 10 percent. They can also reduce glare on your TV, saves carpeting, wall coverings and furniture while providing privacy and security.
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  • Window Shades

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Apr-2011

    Conserving energy is key here in the desert southwest, and did you know that one of the biggest areas that energy is lost in your home is through your windows? Covering your windows with Duette shades can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs, by up to 25% saving. To learn more tips contact MyGuy.
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  • You Can't Beat Replacing Windows In Your Home

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Mar-2011

    The single pane window is the largest source of energy loss in your home and can be responsible for more energy loss than your roof and walls combined! Even some of the "builder grade" double windows leave a lot to be desired. Replacement your old windows today. It is clear that there are many advantages. Here are just a few. Drastically reduce your utility bills Reduce wear and tear on ...
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