Are you Locks Outdated?

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Are you Locks Outdated?

Posted By MyGuy || 1-Mar-2011

What's the one thing you should do to improve my home's security? Unfortunately, the answer isn't so simple. All home and homeowner needs are different. However, there are three items are routinely recommend when conducting Homeowner Security Assessments.

  • Evaluate all door hardware greater than two years old. This door hardware is susceptible to lock bumping, an intrusion technique that has been widely shared over the internet. New locks have technologies that prevent this type of home attack and cost no more than other locks.
  • Place a Charley Bar on all sliding glass doors. Wooden dowels placed on door tracts can be wiggled out. A Charley bar is securely attached to both the glass door and door frame when in the locked position.
  • It is recommend that all homeowners have a fire safe. Though documents and possessions lost in a home fire can eventually be replaced, family mementoes can never be.

To ensure the safety and integrity of your home, contact MyGuy today to learn more valuable tips from the Lock and Security Experts. Security Assessments are an inexpensive way to identify weak points in your home's security and to fully understand what actions are necessary to correct them.

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