Paint Can Make a Dramatic Impact

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Paint Can Make a Dramatic Impact

Posted By MyGuy || 2-Mar-2011

New paint can make a dramatic impact in any room of your home.

THE PDCA, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, is helping to lead the charge to protect the earth and safe guard the environment. They actively promote the use of environmentally friendly project planning, surface preparation, proper painting and cleanup procedures. They support the development and use of new environmentally safer paints and coatings. The use of this material actually reduces pollution, providing testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency and promotion of proper disposal methods for waste and leftover paint and supplies.
Did you know that you are not permitted to:

  • Just throw away your left over paint in your regular garbage can? Be sure to check out your local household hazardous waste collection program, to help keep all of us safe.

Are you aware that some paints and related products (paint thinners/strippers) often include hazardous ingredients?
There are programs in many areas where you can donate your leftover paints so that they can be reused or recycled.

Something to keep in mind prior to starting your painting project includes:

• Reduce the amount of leftover paint by trying to purchase the proper amount of paint needed to complete your task.
• Leftover paint should be stored properly to insure the life of your "touch-up paint".
• Consider reusing or recycling paint.
• Proper disposal of paint is a must.

With proper planning and work habits, doing it the "green way", by using environmentally friendly paints, we all benefit and protect our world for the future.

Contact MyGuy to learn how to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing modern luxury in your home.

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