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  • The truth when it comes to painting

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Aug-2014

    It doesn't matter if you are painting the interior of your house or the exterior; you probably have heard all sorts of different myths, many of which are outlandish and downright foolish. However, according to the paint experts, there are other suggestions and tips that have been passed down through the years that offer you the correct practices and the techniques that you should try and ...
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  • Update and add value to your home with paint

    Posted By MyGuy || 29-May-2012

    A fresh coat of paint is one of the best and most economical ways to update and add value to your home. Like building a wardrobe, selecting a paint palette for your living space is a great form of personal expression. But be aware that the shades of paint you see on a color card or even in the paint can, often looks a lot different when applied to an entire room. To help avoid surprises, follow ...
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  • Interior painting can change your life. Painting is one of the best values for initiating a change to your home. Modernizing colors, adding a cool feeling or outspoken accent, or adding eye catching designs with decorative (faux) painting may be just what's needed to refresh or change that space in your home. Is it time to change from that "builders flat" paint, which retains every ...
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  • Preparation Before Painting

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Oct-2011

    Before you start painting that room in your house it is important that you take the time to learn about the different types of paint. Do you know there is a difference between Latex and Oil Base Paints? Proper preparation is the key to any excellent paint job. Visit MyGuy today to learn more great painting tips.
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  • No matter how much time you spend picking paint colors, if you choose wrong interior paint finishes for your interior home painting project, you can ruin the whole look. Truth be told, there are so many names that paint manufacturers use to describe the sheen level of their products, that they can make anybody’s head spin: flat, matte, eggshell, silk, satin, low-luster, semi-gloss, gloss, ...
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  • Did you know that using Low VOC paints can reduce harmful vapors emitted into the air which can contribute to ozone and smog formation? High levels of VOC pollutants can aggravate or help add to respiratory illnesses and sometimes memory impairment. Due to the economy prices for Low VOC paints are at their lowest in more than 20 years! Looking to remodel? Sell? Or refresh? Using Low VOC paints not ...
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  • VOC Paints

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Aug-2011

    Did you know thatusing Low VOC paints can reduce harmful vapors emitted into the air when painting your home? Low VOC paint not only protects the air quality in your home but adds beauty and value to any living environment. Contact MyGuy to learn more about paint products and services.
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  • Bold colors are in

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Jul-2011

    Go BOLD with your color selections, bright colors are in now and with summer here you can really be cheerful while using new low odor paint. Maybe it is the outside of the house that is need of special attention. Be sure that the contractor you use is licensed, bonded, insured. Visit the pro’s, today to get it done right the first time and relieve any worries for years to come. ...
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  • Go Green With Paint

    Posted By MyGuy || 16-May-2011

    Going Green with our own paint. Micro Blend Fresh Choice paints are now available. Fresh clean smell Reducing the amount of waste by having different size buckets, quarts, 1-gallons, 2- gallon, 3 ½ gallon and 5 gallon sizes. Cool Wall Systems Energy Saving exterior coating from Tex Coat DOE Certified to reduce heating cost up to 21% Reduce heat absorbtion up to 40 degrees
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  • Acid Staining an Affordable Alternative

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-May-2011

    Acid Stain is not paint or a type of coating. It is a very affordable and unique way to give concrete an irregular, variegated or marble -like look. This process is a chemical reaction on concrete that causes a beautiful reaction of color. There are techniques that can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete. Other benefits of this staining is that it is very easy to maintain, and can ...
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  • Great tips for painting your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Mar-2011

    Looking for ways to save money, protect your home's exterior, help the environment and make your house look good at the same time? There are many factors that make an ordinary Paint Job an excellent Paint job and it all starts with the preparation. If the project is not started right there is no paint product made that will last, so let's look at some things that will need to be done for ...
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  • Paint Can Make a Dramatic Impact

    Posted By MyGuy || 2-Mar-2011

    New paint can make a dramatic impact in any room of your home. THE PDCA, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, is helping to lead the charge to protect the earth and safe guard the environment. They actively promote the use of environmentally friendly project planning, surface preparation, proper painting and cleanup procedures. They support the development and use of new environmentally ...
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