Don't forget about your yard... clean it out today!

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Don't forget about your yard... clean it out today!

Posted By MyGuy || 24-May-2011

Now is a great time to start on those things in the yard that you may have been putting off.... Complete cleaning of the yard, trimming bushes, removing weeds and debris.

It is important to trim all of those trees away from the house! Did you know this is a great way to invite mice and rats, scorpions and others into your home, by keeping the canopy far enough away from the roof they no longer have a way to get into your home? Do you have other trees that need some thinning? Because of the unusual amount of the rain we have received this year the ground maybe saturated around the tree, heavy winds could make it easier to bring it down. It is important to keep your trees thinned.

Do you have a possible fire danger this summer? Why not get a head of the game by taking care of your yard today before it gets too hot!

Now is the time to survey your yard and start making it more manicured for the summer. Maybe it is time to replace the rock and add boulders?

Categories: Landscaping

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