How clean is your carpet

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How clean is your carpet

Posted By MyGuy || 22-May-2011

When wood floors, tile, and linoleum get dusty, you sweep. But sweeping doesn’t get everything, does it? Every so often, you need to mop and scrub the floor to get it really clean.

What about your carpet? It gets dusty and dirty too, but it hides the dirt so well that you tend not to notice it like you would your other flooring.

Vacuuming helps, but it only gets the dry soil. What about the drink that spilled in the living room that your kids never told you about? What about your dog’s "accident" behind the door in the guest room?

These and other daily wear on your carpet can trap dirt and grime in the carpet fibers that vacuuming alone cannot lift. What you are left with is dirty carpet and leaving it that way will ultimately lessen the life of your carpet.

Time to get the carpet cleaned!

Make sure to choose a company that will:

  • not soak the backing and pad of the carpet, causing it to deteriorate
  • not use soaps or detergents, causing the carpet to re-soil quickly
  • not use bait-and-switch tactics (quote a super-low price and change it when they get to the job)
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