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  • Residential Cleaning Tips from the Experts

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Jan-2015

    When it comes to cleaning, environmentally friendly, or 'green' cleaning is all the buzz. But it's about more than simply protecting the health of the environment. It's also about avoiding exposure to dangerous chemicals and cleaning practices that could affect your personal health and the health of your family. It is important to try and reduce allergy-triggering contaminants in ...
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  • Time for a maid or house cleaning service

    Posted By MyGuy || 12-Feb-2013

    Managing your home can be a full time job. As many of us know, keeping a clean, as well as a tidy house can be an unending chore robbing you of your own spare time. If your daily life seems to be centered around doing house cleaning activities such as mopping floors, vacuum-cleaning, dusting and changing bed linens, it might be time to consider hiring a professional maid or cleaning service. Look ...
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  • Spring cleaning is here

    Posted By MyGuy || 29-Mar-2012

    Spring weather is quickly approaching and that means spring cleaning… and what better time to celebrate this annual ritual than National Spring Cleaning Week! Spring cleaning can seem like an overwhelming task, but here are a few tips to get you started and make the job more manageable. Start with de-cluttering: The less you have the less there is to clean. Go through those cabinets, ...
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  • Learn how to clean green

    Posted By MyGuy || 27-Mar-2012

    Anyone can clean green with just a little effort. You can use everyday products found in your kitchen pantry. Here are some common items that are great green alternatives to protect your family's health and still maintain a clean home. Baking soda Vinegar A mixture of vinegar, laundry detergent and hot tap water creates a great tile cleaner Combine vinegar and baking soda to produce a healthy ...
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  • Are your cleaning products really non-toxic?

    Posted By MyGuy || 23-Mar-2012

    Even cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable can create health risks. One problem with cleaning chemicals is that exposure can occur from inhalation and skin absorption, not just consumption. Another is that our families are exposed to these on a regular basis. Also, our body can't purge all these chemicals and small exposures can add up to larger ones through accumulation.
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  • Green Cleaning

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Mar-2012

    Did you know that hiring a green home cleaning service is about more than convenience and time-savings. Green cleaning is about protecting you and your family's health, while ensuring your home is a clean and relaxing environment-something we all need with today's hectic pace! Visit us today to find green cleaning companies.
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  • Do you need more room

    Posted By MyGuy || 12-Jan-2012

    Now that the holidays are over, how do we get everything back to normal? Look around. Does your house look over-crowded? Where do you store all of the holiday stuff, when you already have stuff stored in every nook and cranny? Some people may be so organized that storage is not a problem for them. But to most of us finding storage space is not an easy problem to solve. When the question of storage ...
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  • Green clean for your pet's sake too

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Aug-2011

    Did you know that every time you clean, the house it can be an unsafe place for your pets? The cleaning products have chemicals in them that make the air smell bad and make the floors taste even worse. Your pets often spend their time inside on the ground (and off the couch) and these cleaning products can make it hard for them to breathe. That’s one of the reasons they may whine to go ...
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  • How clean is your carpet

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-May-2011

    When wood floors, tile, and linoleum get dusty, you sweep. But sweeping doesn’t get everything, does it? Every so often, you need to mop and scrub the floor to get it really clean. What about your carpet? It gets dusty and dirty too, but it hides the dirt so well that you tend not to notice it like you would your other flooring. Vacuuming helps, but it only gets the dry soil. What about the ...
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  • Carpet Stains and Your Pets

    Posted By MyGuy || 16-May-2011

    It is not unusual for homeowners who have household pets to have urine stains on their carpet. Pets will urinate on carpet as an act of territorial-ism, anxiety, or simply out of need. If your dog is not neutered, they will pee on everything and anything – including all furniture, curtains, shoes, and handbags in your house. The color of pet urine and its staining potential will often depend ...
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  • Great tips for Spring Cleaning

    Posted By MyGuy || 12-May-2011

    The flowers are blooming and thoughts are turning to....SPRING CLEANING! Here are some inexpensive cleaning tips for every household: Bad smell in your garbage disposal? Run an orange or lemon rind through it. This will dispel unpleasant odors and leave the sink with a clean smell. Grinding a dozen or so ice cubes sprinkled with baking soda also has a deodorizing effect. If you choose the latter ...
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  • Household cleaning products can make you sick

    Posted By MyGuy || 25-Apr-2011

    Do you know according to many Scientists, through recent studies, that many of the chemicals in traditional cleaning products can aggreviate and can sometimes cause asthma, allergies and other serious illnesses? Your family and pets can be exposed to toxic household chemicals through inhalation and skin absorption, not just by consumption. There are many great new cleaning products on the market ...
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  • Natural Cleaning Products

    Posted By MyGuy || 25-Apr-2011

    Want a healthier cleaning product? Many natural cleaning solutions and detergents tend to be plant-based ingredients. Many of the products we now have in our homes are petroleum based chemicals. There are many great solutions to clean with other than the traditional potential toxic substances such as chlorine or ammonia. Have you ever considered products with natural essential oils like thyme and ...
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  • Spring Cleaning and Allergies

    Posted By MyGuy || 18-Mar-2011

    SPRING MEANS "Spring cleaning" and Allergies –ARE YOU PREPARED? The season for sniffles, watery eyes and sneezing is fast approaching, and so is the season for spring cleaning! Is there anything you can do to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies? Absolutely–the answer is to allergy-proof your home. While not always easy, allergy-proofing your home is well worth your ...
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  • Give your Family the Gift of Clean Air

    Posted By MyGuy || 16-Mar-2011

    Getting a jump on Spring Cleaning? It is the ideal time to clean your HVAC system and air duct system. Accumulated dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, and the many allergens found here in the Valley may be circulating through your home. Inspect your system and completely clean your ducts and air handler and use the appropriate filtration for your home in order to keep it clean! Give yourself and your ...
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  • Clean your draperies every 2 years

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Mar-2011

    Have you looked at your curtains lately? It is the area that most of us forget to dust or vacuum on a regular basis. Your draperies act like large filters in your home, trapping pollutants in the fabric. Experts recommend cleaning your draperies every 2 years to prolong the life of your investment. Contact MyGuy today to find a recommended expert drape cleaning company.
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