Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

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Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

Posted By MyGuy || 3-May-2011

Summer is approaching, and the weather is getting warmer everyday. Your pool can look pretty enticing to small children. Remember to always watch your children around the pool, make sure to latch your pool gates, and keep furniture away from your pool fencing. Some POOL MAINTENANCE TIPS to keep your pool sparkling clear are:
  • - Emptying the basket of leaves and debris
    - Adjusting your chorine/water chemistry
    - Checking your filters regularly

A good way to check your filter is to take a handful of garden soil and put it directly into the skimmer basket. Wait a minute or so to see if a cloud of dust appears. If that happens your filter is probably clogged. If you have a cartridge filter, the cartridge may need to be changed; if you have a DE filter, it may need a new element; and if you have a sand filter it may need to be checked for a bad under drain or bad lateral.

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