Keep the Heat Out of Your Home

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Keep the Heat Out of Your Home

Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2011

Summer is coming and for we Arizonans, that means hot! And as much as we enjoy the pool season, we don't enjoy the increased energy bills and the UV rays streaming into our homes.

Window treatments will help keep the heat out of your home and will prevent UV damage to furniture, draperies, and flooring. Don't be blinded by the many types of window treatments available – choose what will be energy-efficient for your window exposure as well as what function and style you need in a window treatment. Team your window treatments with window tinting or sunscreens and you will have double protection against the summer heat.

There are many types of window treatments available that are good choices for energy-efficiency with some being better than others. Cellular shades provide the highest R value (resistance to heat/air conditioning) of all window treatments, earning up to a 4.81 out of 5 for its double-cell pocket protection and white backing that will reflect the heat back outside. Wood blinds with its natural insulation carries an R value of 3.2 with shutters at 3.4. Roller shades with their numerous degrees of UV ray blockage are also good insulators for your windows. Avoid aluminum miniblinds as aluminum attracts heat, so those old miniblinds in your bedrooms are actually making your rooms hotter!

To learn more about the best options for your window treatments call MyGuy today.

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