Potential Maintenance Issues for Your Pool

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Potential Maintenance Issues for Your Pool

Posted By MyGuy || 23-May-2011

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool not only looks great, but is safe to swim in this summer.

The warmer temperatures of spring are here and it is time for all pool owners to quickly evaluate potential maintenance issues needed before it is too late and too hot!

As water evaporates from your pool, it leaves behind all the calcium and minerals found in water. In time this will cause calcium levels high enough to create staining and deposits in the pool and will eventually make it very difficult to keep you chemicals balanced and the water clear. Pools typically need to be drained every 3-4 years (sometimes more often) and it needs to be done when the daytime temperatures are below 80-85 degrees. If you are already noticing staining and/or discoloration on the pool surface, an acid wash is the answer. Get your tile or water line area cleaned while the pool is empty and enjoy a swimming season with a bright, clean pool!

It will be important for pool owners to have their equipment checked and yearly maintenance done on:

  • pump
  • filter
  • valves
  • cleaning equipment

Filters need to be cleaned and free of imperfection for the crystal clear pool everyone loves.

Old, dried o-rings will cause leaks that will inhibit proper circulation of the water and eventually will damage the equipment and incur costly repairs.

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