Dull Carpet

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Dull Carpet

Posted By MyGuy || 19-Nov-2011

It's the time of the year for cool weather, holiday treats, and realizing that you will have family over and they're going to see all the spots on your carpet. It is time to clean up.

Just like waiting too long in between dentist appointments, many people wait too long in between professional carpet cleanings. Harmless as it may seem, waiting too long between cleanings can dramatically reduce the life of your carpet.

The dirt and grime that is in your carpet (mostly hidden) grinds away at your carpet fiber like sandpaper, wearing away the protective coating and causing the carpet color to appear dull. This grinding action from the hidden dirt lessens the life of your carpet. Read more to learn the most common mistake for DIYspot cleaning on carpet.

Do your flooring investment justice by finding a professional carpet cleaning company and getting set up with regular maintenance cleanings. Depending upon your situation, you may want to clean anywhere from every four months to once a year for very light use areas. Contact your professional cleaning company for a recommendation.

Common mistakes for DIY spot cleaning on carpet:

  • Using soap

Save the soap for your dishes and your laundry, not your carpet. You will not be able to use enough water to flush out all of the soap. The soap that is left behind will leave a sticky residue that will attract more dirt to the spot.

  • Using other harsh cleaners

Be careful what you use for your spot cleaning. Cleaners that contain brighteners can bleach your carpet. Cleaners that contain solvents can cause your carpet to detach from its backing.

  • Using "home remedies"

Even so-called "home remedies" can take a cleanable spot and turn it into a permanent stain. If you're not sure what to do about a spot, call a professional.

  • Panicking

Many spots (including ink, red punch, coffee, and other nasty stains) can be removed with the right process. If you panic and throw every cleaner you have under the kitchen sink at the stain, you may be making the situation worse. Again, when in doubt, call a professional.

Use only spot cleaners recommended by a professional. Try warm water first and blot and wipe (don't scrub, you may damage the texture of the carpet) the spot with a terry-cloth towel.

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