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  • Add color to your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 28-Jun-2015

    The time to act is now! So get the paint out and spruce up the house while you have the kids around to help move all the furniture and teach them a few tricks along the way. First thing is color is your friend when looking at what to do and how to keep the scheme correct a simple tip is look at the charts at the paint store. The colors are in groups with usually 4 to 7 colors on a sheet. Paint ...
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  • The top 5 ways to increase your home's value

    Posted By MyGuy || 5-Jun-2015

    Are you the typical America consumer who spends money every year on home improvement projects? Do you know which home improvements the remodeling experts recommend to help increase the value of your home? It is not necessary to do a complete renovation. Small projects can make a big impact too. Stop dreaming and act today. Learn tips and suggestions on the top 5 trends from the pros. Bathrooms: ...
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  • Countertops can make a big impact

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Nov-2014

    Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common remodel project in a home and can offer a very good return on your investment if done properly. Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is a costly venture and should be well planned and discussed before beginning this type of project. There are numerous materials, designs, styles and colors to choose from. The average consumer can get lost just trying to ...
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  • Repair the bumps or damaged areas in your carpet

    Posted By MyGuy || 10-Dec-2013

    Are you bothered by a carpet with unsightly and dangerous bumps, creases or ripples? Carpets seem to have a life of their own. One day they are fresh and new and then a year or so later they seem loose and lifeless. What happened? Is that normal in the life of your carpet? Carpeting and flooring in general is one of the most expensive investments that a typical home owner will purchase. What if ...
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  • Want to update your kitchen without the hassle or expense of replacing the cabinets? Maybe you've just purchased a beautiful new home but hate the cabinets. If you're cabinet boxes are still in good condition and you're happy with your layout or want to keep your countertops but want to update or change the look of your cabinets, you don't have to start over and replace it all. Try ...
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  • 7 Great reasons to add a sunroom

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Sep-2013

    Your home is the cornerstone of your life. It’s your place to rest and relax, spend time with the people you love, build your future, celebrate your successes. And for most of us, it’s very likely the largest single investment you’ve ever made. So when it’s time to create an Arizona lifestyle at your home, choose your sunroom, patio enclosure or patio covers carefully. The ...
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  • Repair don't replace your carpet

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Apr-2013

    According to the Phoenix, ToFixIt carpet repair experts, they will often get a call from a frantic homeowner or renter who has just discovered what their pet has done to the carpet. They have seen damage from ferrets, monkeys, cats, dogs, birds and half the circus. Pets can chew, scratch and otherwise damage your carpet. Things get dropped and spilled and are not easily cleanable like red wine, ...
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  • Remodeling trends & lifestyle choices

    Posted By MyGuy || 25-Feb-2013

    Gone are the days when granite was the hottest material to use in all remodeling projects. Lately, we have seen many customers chose to use cultured products such as Silestone or Caesarstone quartz when updating their kitchens and baths. These products come in a wide array of colors and styles. Although quartz products are slightly higher in cost than granite, they can be worthy of the investment ...
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  • Remodeling your home is multifaceted

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-May-2012

    As many of us know, when the market turned and the real estate and construction world fell on its head, homes were difficult to sell. People shifted from buying and selling to staying put and remodeling their homes. However, many homeowners found it's not as easy as the HGTV network and large home improvement stores claim. Remodeling is varied and multifaceted. There are many aspects that come ...
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  • Carpet Buying Guide

    Posted By MyGuy || 14-May-2012

    Comfortable, colorful and versatile are among the many reasons that carpet is one of the most popular types of floor covering. This carpet guide demonstrates how much there is to know about this fashionable and affordable flooring choice. There’s nothing like the soft feel of a nice carpet. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it makes any room more inviting as a place to relax with friends, ...
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  • Complete Your "Honey Do List"

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Dec-2011

    It is the time of year that we start to get "ready" for the Christmas season. There are many affordable things that can be done to your home quickly by a professional handyman before those guests arrive. Some of the most common requests we receive include items that can make a huge impact, with little cost and help promote safety for your loved ones. Don't forget about those furry, ...
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  • Dull Carpet

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Nov-2011

    It's the time of the year for cool weather, holiday treats, and realizing that you will have family over and they're going to see all the spots on your carpet. It is time to clean up. Just like waiting too long in between dentist appointments, many people wait too long in between professional carpet cleanings. Harmless as it may seem, waiting too long between cleanings can dramatically ...
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  • Stucco a Top Recommended Finish

    Posted By My Guy || 1-Nov-2011

    Stucco is an amazing exterior and interior finish and has been used in construction for centuries for good reason. Stucco comes in a variety of finishes, textures and colors. Installed properly by the right people, it is a cost effective and durable finish that should last, with proper maintenance, for the life of your home. Does your stucco need repairs or do you just want to give your home a new ...
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  • New flooring can be intimidating

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Oct-2011

    So you're looking for some new flooring. This can easily be an overwhelming task. You go into the store and you see hundreds or even thousands of different samples; from hardwood to travertine to carpet to laminate. Where in the world do you start? First, take a deep breath; this doesn't have to be overwhelming. By finding the answers to a few key points you can help yourself by ...
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  • Make your concrete look like marble

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-Aug-2011

    Acid Stain is not paint or a type of coating. It is a very affordable and unique way to give concrete an irregular, variegated or marble -like look. This process is a chemical reaction on concrete that causes a beautiful reaction of color. There are techniques that can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete. Other benefits of this staining is that it is very easy to maintain, and can ...
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  • Custom finishes for your cabinets

    Posted By MyGuy || 23-Jun-2011

    Outdated cabinetry is one of the first things Realtors recommend homeowners invest in to increase the value of a home. The cabinetry of your dreams begins with the ones you already have, so choose them now and enjoy a brand new updated look at a fraction of the cost of replacing your old existing cabinetry. Repair warped and damaged cabinetry in every room in your home. Change the look of your ...
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  • Remodeling vs. Moving

    Posted By MyGuy || 20-Jun-2011

    Have you considered remodeling your kitchen instead of moving? Many experts say you can expect about a seventy six percent return on a kitchen remodel of about twenty one thousand dollars. A seventy three percent return on kitchen remodel of about fifty five thousand dollars.
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  • Drab Patio, How About Concrete Stamping

    Posted By MyGuy || 6-May-2011

    Do you know that concrete stamping has really grown to be a very popular technique to add new life, textures, and patterns to your old drab looking driveway, patios, sidewalks and more? This technique is offered in almost any color you can imagine and in many stamp patterns that simulate the look of wood, cobblestone, brick or broom finished. It has come a long way over the years; it's not ...
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  • It may surprise you to know that granite comes in 5 different price levels. Level I being the least expensive, offering quite a few beautiful colors that are moderately priced. Plus, the level one granite is as good a quality as the number level five granite. Level 5 is the most expensive due to the small quantities in the ground. Pricing is all based on the usable deposits at the quarry, the more ...
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