Learn how to prevent more water damage to your home

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Learn how to prevent more water damage to your home

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Oct-2011

Water damage can be devastating, so the sooner restoration begins; the better.

If you have a flood, professionals often recommend the following steps be taken to ensure that your job doesn't haunt you resulting in higher cost and ongoing issues for you and your property. Learn the first steps you as the home owner can do to help prevent more damage.

  • Identify the water source and shut off the water if possible. Some leaks are not able to be shut off immediately and require additional contractors to have them fixed. Find the source prior to making the call.
  • Contact a plumber or air conditioning company to repair the water source. By repairing the source, the professional will be able to remediate the area quickly and effectively minimizing ongoing damages and costs.
  • Let the professionals assist you in processing the water claim. Whether you choose to go through insurance or to make other arrangements regarding your loss let the professionals assist you in the process to ensure you get the best coverage and quickest response time.
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