New flooring can be intimidating

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New flooring can be intimidating

Posted By MyGuy || 19-Oct-2011

So you're looking for some new flooring. This can easily be an overwhelming task. You go into the store and you see hundreds or even thousands of different samples; from hardwood to travertine to carpet to laminate. Where in the world do you start?

First, take a deep breath; this doesn't have to be overwhelming. By finding the answers to a few key points you can help yourself by understanding what you want and need from your floors.

Have you ever been to someone's house and loved the way their floor looked and thought "that's what I want in my house"? Well, that's a great place to start. Think of things that are aesthetically pleasing to you and see if you can combine form and function. The amazing thing about all of the choices is that the two are no longer mutually exclusive.

This is the time to decide what you don't like about the floor you have now.

You may have never given a real thought to your floors; after all, everyone has a floor.

  • You may like some, you may hate some. What is it that you dislike about the floor that you have?
  • If it's the color, that may seem like an easy choice, but is there more?
  • Is it hard to clean?
  • Is it good for the area where you have it?

Think through this carefully so you don't end up picking a floor that has all of the qualities that you dislike.

  • Last but not least, know the vision of your space.
  • If you want light colors in a room that gives you an excellent starting point.
  • Who will be using this room?
  • Is there heavy traffic?
  • Do you want something cool to the touch or something to keep your feet from getting chilled?
  • Do you have allergies and need to get rid of any textiles?
  • Do you love burying your face in nice, plush carpet?

Thinking through these points can give you a good place to start and peace of mind knowing that you've taken the time to think about what you want and need. Knowing what you want and keeping an open mind will carry you through your flooring journey. After all, you may be surprised by something you didn't even know existed. Stranger things have happened.

Categories: Foundations, Remodeling

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