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How's your garden


Edible Green seems to be the craze these days...doesn't every one you know either have or wish they had a vegetable garden?

It sounds easy. A quick trip to the hardware store or your local nursery and you will see hundreds of plants and herbs, all with wonderful names like Heirloom, Jubilee and Lemon Thyme.

But how easy is it to grow your own vegetables? It is more than just putting a plant in soil. But once you get your hands dirty, you will be hooked, and before you know it planning to expand. Grabbing some herbs from your own garden makes you feel like a chef. And the taste of homegrown vegetables is simply delicious.

A professional can help you get started and make a big difference in your success. First they will suggest the best area on your property to start a vegetable garden. Light and heat for Arizona summer gardens must be considered. An expert can also get your soil ready for planting. Adding an automatic watering system that is connected to your existing system is imperative to keep your garden thriving even when you are out of town. A professional will suggest the right plants for the season-in the Valley there are two growing seasons. And most importantly, they will tell you when the right time to plant. A difference of just a couple of weeks can make a big difference in a garden.

Finally, gardens can start small, even with just a few herbs and a couple of tomato plants. But once you start tasting the fruits of your labor, expect it to grow.

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