Successful Winter Grass

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Successful Winter Grass

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Sep-2011

If you are going to have green grass year round, you will need to over seed with a perennial rye every October.

What is involved in having a winter lawn?

The reason we need to install a winter lawn is because the grass that grows in the summer in Phoenix is a Bermuda grass that particularly likes the heat and direct sunlight. When the cooler weather and shorter days arrive, the Bermuda grass goes dormant, turns brown and doesn't grow. So we need to cut back the Bermuda and plant a rye grass that thrives in cooler temperatures.

There are a few basic steps to follow to install a winter lawn:

  1. Weed eat all the way to the ground around the sprinkler heads. This will eliminate the need of mowing close to them, and will save the sprinkler heads from breakage.
  2. Rent a de-thatcher to remove all the grass clippings that have built up over the past year. This helps to expose the soil and allows the new seed to germinate and grow.
  3. Lower the deck on your mower all the way down and scalp the Bermuda as close to the ground as possible. Rake to clean up and loosen the soil.
  4. Apply rye seed, and set your time clock at 6 times per day to germinate the rye seed.
  5. After 2 weeks you will have a new lawn that is ready to be cut and fertilized. You can enjoy it throughout the winter months.
Categories: Landscaping

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