Pest Control and Identification Concerning Termites and Mulch

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Pest Control and Identification Concerning Termites and Mulch

Posted By MyGuy || 29-Aug-2012

Phoenix pest control and elimination companies are often called to take care of termite problems. There are lots of questions pertaining to termites and mulch placed around home foundations. Landscaping around the home is a popular way to beautify the property. The use of mulch to create uniformity around the plants is a popular approach. There are concerns about termite awareness, pest control and elimination if a problem arises from the use of mulch.

One of the first things to consider is if there are termite problems found in your local area, neighborhood, or even a past problem of the home you reside in. Termite infestation is not a problem anyone wants to have, so it is a good concern to find answers to questions you have about possible problems which could occur from adding mulch around the foundation.

What are some answers to termite pest control and elimination questions?

  • Is it okay to have mulch in direct contact with the house foundation? There are opposite answers for this depending on who you ask, so if you are uncomfortable looking for further information, you would be best to avoid placing the mulch next to the house. If you want to use a more precautionary measure to place the mulch safely would be to keep the mulch at least 8 inches away from the wooden surface and keep the mulch 2 inches or less deep.
  • Do termites only live in wood mulch? It would seem like a simple affirmative answer, but since the termite uses the mulch to hide before heading on into your home. Pest control and elimination caution homeowners about mulch because termites are attracted to moisture and mulch is used to retain it. Moisture retention is one of the main purposes of mulch.

What should a homeowner do? To start with, educate yourself on what the pest looks like and diligently look through your mulch on a regular basis looking for termites living or hiding among it. If you do find some, you will want to get your call into a Phoenix, Arizona pest Control and Elimination service sooner than later. Procrastinating this call could be the difference between a termite which is hiding or a termite which has let itself into the wood of your home. If you can, get a sample of the pest to show the professional, the problem will be handles that much quicker. Identification is always the first step when approaching a solution to a pest problem.

MyGuy website offers the best pest control and elimination at your fingertips. You will find contact information and location of the businesses as well as a description of the services they provide. When it comes to termites, the damage they can do to your home is can be a big problem by the time you notice they have entered. Preventive measures are the best policy. Use the handiwork of the MyGuy guide to find the best company for pest control and elimination in Phoenix, Arizona.

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