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  • 10 Tips for Pest Control and Elimination

    Posted By MyGuy || 4-Sep-2012

    Everywhere you go in Phoenix pest control and elimination is important since there will be unwanted guests of some kind trying to work their way into your home. These types of guests are unwanted. Instead of waiting and fighting defensively against the insects, rodents and birds, a homeowner can take the offensive approach and follow these 10 short steps to work at pest control and elimination of ...
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  • Scorpion pest control and elimination Phoenix is a much needed service. The scorpion population in this area threatens many peoples' homes. Calling a professional pest control and elimination company will help begin the long process to getting rid of the scorpions in your home. The best way to take care of a scorpion infestation is to take preventative measure in order to keep them out of the ...
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  • Phoenix pest control and elimination companies are often called to take care of termite problems. There are lots of questions pertaining to termites and mulch placed around home foundations. Landscaping around the home is a popular way to beautify the property. The use of mulch to create uniformity around the plants is a popular approach. There are concerns about termite awareness, pest control ...
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  • When it comes to Phoenix pest control and elimination has many invaders which find their way into homes. Different regions of the country have their own little critters, but you can find some species of ants pretty much anywhere. Some people decide to take on the job or ridding their home of ants by themselves while others run to the phone to call the local Phoenix pest control and elimination ...
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  • Ongoing problems with unwanted home invaders will get people looking for Phoenix pest control & elimination companies. Once the infestation has settled into your home, the race to rid the growing population begins. Finding the right pest control and elimination company to solve your problem is the first step. Pest control and elimination service should be professional Know what you are looking ...
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  • Pest Control & Elimination Phoenix, Arizona works hard to help homeowners conquer the battle against little animal pests which invade our home. The battle to protect your home and family is most important against any creature which enters uninvited. Pests can cause many problems: reduces the quality of food and water may cause injury to people or animals damage the structure or possessions in ...
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  • Bed bugs have made speedy re-emergence

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Sep-2011

    Bed bugs. . . it's a pest that virtually every homeowner dreads. While this pest's presence used to be a rare occurrence, it has made a significant and speedy re-emergence in recent years. Why? Increased international travel (especially to 3 rd world countries) and tight control of its natural enemies, like ants and cockroaches, have played a major part. Bed bugs have flattened, ...
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  • Bird & Bee Control

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-Jun-2011

    Did you know that there are laws in almost every state protecting birds? Including the pesky ones you might be trying to get rid of? Do your homework and learn the identity of the types of birds in your yard before taking any action. A common factor that draws unwanted guest to your yard, are dropped bird seeds. Remember to keep the area under your feeder clean. Birds can be an enjoyment but not ...
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  • How to help prevent Bees inhabiting your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Apr-2011

    Now that its spring bees of all kinds are a buzz! It is the time to bee proof your home. The best way to prevent bees for establishing a colony on your property is to deny them access. Honey bees and there counter part Africanized bees require three things in order to survive: food water shelter Plant flowers and blossoms are the food part swimming pools and excess water is the water part. Small ...
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  • Pest control for your home

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Apr-2011

    Experts recommend that the following steps should be happen when you hire an expert to help prevent pests: Homes need to be treated regularly around the perimeter of the exterior, pest entry points and critical areas such as planters, bushes and base of trees. Interiors need to be addressed as specific pest problems arise Often Residential pest problems are: ants scorpions crickets spiders. Pest ...
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  • The "Buzz" about Pest Elimination

    Posted By MyGuy || 31-Mar-2011

    While in most cases "do it yourself" works perfectly fine, when it comes to pest control it is very important to contact a pest professional. Why, do you ask? Knowledge. A state certified pest professional has the level of knowledge that is required to solve your pest problems using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life-cycles ...
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