Plumbing Basics For Safety Sake

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Plumbing Basics For Safety Sake

Posted By MyGuy || 28-Aug-2012

Not everyone will use a local Phoenix plumber to do the simple plumbing handiwork, but to keep everyone safe. There should be some basic dos and don'ts followed when performing plumbing duties.

Follow these steps for plumbing safety.

  • Know the building plumbing codes and laws before you begin any plumbing project. Accept that there are some jobs which should be left to a professional Phoenix plumber and get a permit when required for the projects done without a professional.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. There are some projects which are more apt to put your eyes at risk such as snake raining, using a drill or sawzall. Working under a sink could pose a hazard with possible particles or small objects falling. It's a good practice to get into to wearing goggles to protect such a sensitive area of the body.
  • Especially if using chemicals, protect your hands. Wear gloves to keep the product off of your skin as well as help protect your hands from being hurt on plumbing tools. Latex gloves are good to keep the spread of germs limited when unclogging sinks and drains.
  • If you will be doing any sawing, sanding or drilling protect your lungs by wearing a mask. The mask will help you prevent the inhalation of small particles in the air.
  • Don't hurry, especially when using power tools. Read through the manufacturer's directions and follow safety precautions. Stay focused on the job with two hands on the equipment.
  • Get someone to help you as a spotter. This person can help make the job quicker and more safe. Machines which need two hands to operate, the helper will be able to handle the other movement.
  • Always read any labels or directions to chemicals and machines. Follow all recommendations, warnings and know how to handle an emergency.

Do-it-yourself plumbing projects also have a few don’ts:

  • Never work when you are overtired or under the influence of impairing prescriptions, drugs or alcohol. Injuries are quick to happen when reflexes are impaired. Be fully focused and fully aware before starting a project.
  • Use the machines, equipment and tools for their intended purpose. Any mishandling or improper maintaining of them could lead to injury or unnecessary damage. Do a full inspection of them before beginning the project.
  • There is a reason for plumbing and building safety codes to have been put in place, so follow them.
  • Don't carry tools around in your pocket, use a tool belt or box to hold the tools preventing any collisions between you and sharp objects.
  • If you ever smell natural gas, stop everything immediately. If it is safe and you can do so, turn off the gas and call the gas company. Searching for a gas leak yourself is not safe.

Some plumbing jobs are easy and others you will want to call in a professional. MyGuy professionals. Telephone numbers addresses and service descriptions will help steer you to a professional service for your plumbing need.

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