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  • Tired of waiting for hot water

    Posted By || 10-Jun-2015

    If you are like most homeowners, you have two concerns when it comes to hot water. First, you hate waiting around for your shower to get hot and second, it's no fun when you are halfway through your shower and you run out of hot water. Most homeowners here in Arizona deal with one or both of these issues daily. If you are of those homeowners, good news, there is a simple solution available. ...
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  • Prevent plumbing leaks

    Posted By MyGuy || 9-Dec-2014

    Most homeowners don't consider the effect of water pressure on their home. Now everyone likes a good strong shower but, pressure is not always needed to get that. When houses are built the plumbing system is sized for the pressure in the neighborhood it is being built in. If the pressure is over 80 PSI they install a Pressure Reducing Valve. The plumbing system will function properly and give ...
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  • Unfortunately, many people find out the hard way about the devastating effects that something so seemingly harmless can have on your home. Water! While it's common knowledge that it's not necessarily a good thing when water ends up on your floor, or in your cupboards,or many people do not actually understand the potential creates for a much bigger problem. While running to the linen closet ...
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  • 3 Tips to Hiring a Contractor

    Posted By MyGuy || 1-May-2014

    We've all been there – the air conditioning unit breaks, the garage door won't open, the toilet doesn't flush, a pipe bursts, the roof is leaking…whatever the issue may be, things in the house just seem to stop working. But, when things like this suddenly pop up, what do you do? Most people would just try to fix it. Sounds simple! However, in most cases there is an ...
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  • Do you call your Phoenix Plumber when you notice the first sign of trouble with your dishwasher drain? Many people would make that call right away. It is easy to assume that something will need to be repaired or replaced. You could save lots of time and money if you stop and follow these steps before you place your call into the plumber. Rule out drain problems to find the source for the stoppage ...
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  • Handling a leaky water heater could be something do it yourself easy or Phoenix plumbing impossible. Don't assume from the start that you have to call a plumber if there is someone handy nearby. Not all problems need the help of the professionals, but if it is a major problem, there are many quality Phoenix, Arizona plumbing services to call upon. If you want to check out the problem for ...
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  • A plumbing emergency for a clogged sewer drain is serious enough to place an immediate call into your local Phoenix plumber. When the sere drain is clogged, there is nowhere for the water to go but back up into your home. Getting the problem fixed before the problem and potential mess from it forms, is considered a serious problem. As soon as you suspect that your sewer drain is clogged, you will ...
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  • Plumbing Basics For Safety Sake

    Posted By MyGuy || 28-Aug-2012

    Not everyone will use a local Phoenix plumber to do the simple plumbing handiwork, but to keep everyone safe. There should be some basic dos and don'ts followed when performing plumbing duties. Follow these steps for plumbing safety. Know the building plumbing codes and laws before you begin any plumbing project. Accept that there are some jobs which should be left to a professional Phoenix ...
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  • Leaky Toilets Can Be A Tricky Plumbing Job

    Posted By MyGuy || 24-Aug-2012

    Curious about what is happening with the toilet plumbing when the water in the bowl seems to disappear? It's a good bet that you will not have to call a plumbing company in Phoenix or the surrounding areas to know that there is a leak somewhere. If the water is disappearing in between uses, something is not right. Most often there is a crack in the bowl which has caused the water to drain. In ...
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  • Top 10 Plumbing Tools To Have At Home

    Posted By MyGuy || 22-Aug-2012

    There are many great Phoenix plumbers who make house calls, some problems are small enough for the handy fix it person to solve at home. Various projects will require different tools. Have the necessary equipment on hand to take care of the smaller plumbing problems. Plumbing tools to keep at home An adjustable pipe wrench is designed to grip round objects which make their use with plumbing pipes ...
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  • Many plumbing problems are time essential and having a Phoenix plumbing company on speed dial is a great way to get the problem cleared up as soon as possible. Not every household has a family member capable of solving basic plumbing problems. If you are adventurous, there are some helpful at home solutions which can help prevent large problems. Anytime prevention is practiced, it will help to ...
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  • Take Back Your Tap Water

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Jan-2012

    Do you worry about the quality of your tap water? Maybe you heard that you shouldn’t drink it or even cook in it? Those concerns are all too common today with the increased awareness about the quality of tap water in Arizona. So what's the alternative to buying bottled drinking water? For many smart homeowners, the answer is in a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. It's good for your health ...
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  • Home remedy for a smooth running drain

    Posted By MyGuy || 15-Sep-2011

    Want a smooth-running kitchen drain? Your best bet is prevention. The experts recommend that once a month, pour half a cup of baking soda, then half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Rinse with cold water. This is an easy remedy to save money on a plumbing issues. To learn more great tips and services for anything that you may need for your home, office, auto or life’s needs contact MyGuy.
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