Scorpion Pest Control and Elimination Measures In Your Phoenix Yard

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Scorpion Pest Control and Elimination Measures In Your Phoenix Yard

Posted By MyGuy || 31-Aug-2012

Scorpion pest control and elimination Phoenix is a much needed service. The scorpion population in this area threatens many peoples' homes. Calling a professional pest control and elimination company will help begin the long process to getting rid of the scorpions in your home.

The best way to take care of a scorpion infestation is to take preventative measure in order to keep them out of the home in the first place. Scorpions are not your average house pest, but it will help to have a cat or dog in the home to help with those that come out of the walls and search for water throughout your home. Cats tend to be a bit quicker than the scorpion, but having house pets may at least deter the scorpions from coming out into the open. Scorpions can hide out in a wall for a long period of time. They can go without food, but will need to search out water. If you have damp areas in your home, whether it is your walls, cellar or garage, the scorpions have found a great place to hide and breed. Your little invader has now created a growing population in your home.

Scorpion pest control and elimination can take up to one year.

Scorpions can flatten themselves to the height of a credit card and enter your home through small cracks, under doors, door frames, cracks in window panes, pipes or wires provide entry when not sealed. Cracks and holes along the bottom of your home provide easy access.

The yard is the first attraction for the species. Standing water, sprinklers or watering hoses will bring the scorpions closer to you. Any extra water you provide to your land the more attractive it will become to the creatures making pest control and elimination more difficult. The professional can help take care of the scorpion population on the inside, but you will need to take preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

  • Purchase some caulking and seal up cracks.
  • Plant lavender around your yard. Scorpions are not found in this easily grown plant.
  • Scorpions tend to avoid citrus. You can use citrus oils to clean, especially in bathrooms or other wet areas. Put some miniature citrus plants in pots near your doors.
  • Let spiders live. Many species kill scorpions.
  • Do kill off food supply pets like crickets, ants, cockroaches and cicadas.
  • Keep the areas surrounding your home free from piles of debris, wood, rocks or compost piles. These provide great sources for them to hide or breed. Any damp or moist area is what a scorpion will be searching for.
  • Get a cat. Scorpions are great toys for them and the cats, though not proven immune, tend to escape harm from their quick movements.

When you need to learn more about preventative measures or find a company who will work with you to get rid of your problem, MyGuy has done the comparative service shopping for you. The web page has contact information for the best Phoenix Arizona pest control and elimination companies in the area.

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