Sewer Drain Problems Are Direct Calls Into The Plumber

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Sewer Drain Problems Are Direct Calls Into The Plumber

Posted By MyGuy || 30-Aug-2012

A plumbing emergency for a clogged sewer drain is serious enough to place an immediate call into your local Phoenix plumber. When the sere drain is clogged, there is nowhere for the water to go but back up into your home. Getting the problem fixed before the problem and potential mess from it forms, is considered a serious problem.

  • As soon as you suspect that your sewer drain is clogged, you will want to get someone in to verify that it is the problem and get started on a solution. Watch for signs that will get you to suspect a sewer drain problem.
  • Are the toilets working? It is rare that if the there is a problem with the main line that the toilets will be working properly. The toilets will have the biggest drain line in the house with the most direct path to the sewer.
  • The tub and shower are often affected by the main sewer line. Because they sit lower than a sink drain, there are fewer pipes to clear before it hits the main line. If you suspect the sewer drain is clogged, check to see if the tub and shower drains are working.

Other plumbing tips to recognize possible sewer drain problems;

  • If the sewer drain is clogged, there will be evidence in the tub or shower drain. Once the toilet is flushed, if it isn’t backed up, it will travel down the pipes; hit the clog and then return. The lowest drain is the shower and tub drain, so look for evidence of sewer drainage exiting there.
  • Run the water in the toilet sink. Sometimes there is trapped air in the system. Once the water has been running for a minute or so and watches the toilet bowl. If the water bubbles or rises in the bowl, then it is a good chance that the problem is located in the sewer.
  • See what is happening with the washing machine. If the washing machine drainage is coming up into the toilet, tub or shower there could be a sewer problem. If your toilet is still flushing normally, there is not a sewer problem, but more likely a clog in the washing machine drain.

Some homes have a main line clean-out which is one more way you can verify whether or not the problem is related to the sewer line. Open up the clean-out. Some have screw tops and others just need a good pull. Look for waste or water that may be backed up in there. There should be no evidence of water coming out of or standing in the pipe. If you see such evidence, call your plumber or look into renting a sewer drain snake to clear up the problem.

When you are dealing with sewer problems, it would be to your best benefit to get a professional plumber to look into the problem. MyGuy has collected the best of the best in the Phoenix and displays their location, contact information and a synopsis of the services provided.

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