Top 10 Considerations For Pest Control And Elimination Companies

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Top 10 Considerations For Pest Control And Elimination Companies

Posted By MyGuy || 23-Aug-2012

Ongoing problems with unwanted home invaders will get people looking for Phoenix pest control & elimination companies. Once the infestation has settled into your home, the race to rid the growing population begins. Finding the right pest control and elimination company to solve your problem is the first step.

Pest control and elimination service should be professional

Know what you are looking for in order to hire the best service in your area. Here are 10 things to consider when sorting through Phoenix, Arizona pest control and elimination businesses.

  1. In order to protect your property and any liability, you will want to look for a company which is bonded and insured.
  2. Ask friends, family and co-workers to get recommendations or warnings against any company which the person may have used.
  3. Shop prices. Don't assume that the lowest rate will offer the best deal. Good pest management companies will offer competitive rates for similar services. Going the cheap route and then having to repay for additional services when the pests remain or resurface soon after does not save you money and is inconvenient.
  4. Find out what the business offers for contracts. Are long-term maintenance programs offered in different increments? Will the contract allow for extra service during high pest volume times? Is the contract flexible in order to have less frequent service visits when the pests are not present?
  5. What products are used for pest control and elimination? Are non-chemical or green items used in order to be environmentally friendly? If the company will be using chemical products, will the products be discussed to inform the homeowner of possible side effects or dangers involved with the chemical residues present in the home?
  6. Does the technician seem knowledgeable about pest control and elimination? Does the technician have proper identification? This is always best policy for any service person who will enter your home. Does the technician have training and experience? Most states require technicians to be certified with annual training as a requirement to keep the license current.
  7. Before any work is done or contract signed. The technician should be able to explain exactly what is needed to be done, how the treatment will be done and what maintenance programs are available. There should be a complete inspection of your home, identify the species of pests, their source of entry and create a pest control and elimination plan.
  8. The appearance of the technician should be clean and professional. Chemicals should be properly labeled and the truck with all equipment neat and clean.
  9. The documentation should explain all details of services provided; include the description of any follow-up plan and any advice given to the customer.
  10. Depending on the service performed, a consultation may be needed. It might be necessary to occur after service is complete or as part of the follow up. Some pests may do structural damage to your home and the consultation for home maintenance will be necessary once the infestation is completely out of your home.

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