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Protect Your Home & Family

Posted By MyGuy || 22-Feb-2012

1) Know your neighbors and look out for each other. How disturbing would it be if your neighbor actually witnessed a theft at your residence and didn't even give a second thought to what was happening?

2) Introduce yourself to your neighbors and make sure they know of you and your family so they are aware when a strange person is on your property.

3) While on vacation, have individuals that you can trust do the following: watch over your home, pick up your paper or anything lying around the yard, and carry any packages into your home that may be sitting at your front door.

Another very important thing to remember is Fire Protection, as it's just as important as Security.

  • keep all flammable material in a safe place
  • a working smoke detector in all rooms on all floors of the home
  • test all detectors on a monthly basis to be sure everything is in proper working order
  • develop a home fire escape plan and familiarize your children and everyone in your home with the sound of your smoke detectors

Hopefully, these helpful hints can be the first step to protect your home and family from being burglarized or victimized by a fire. Contact us to learn more about security and many more services that you may need for your home, office, auto or life’s needs.

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