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Do you need more room

Posted By MyGuy || 12-Jan-2012

Now that the holidays are over, how do we get everything back to normal? Look around. Does your house look over-crowded? Where do you store all of the holiday stuff, when you already have stuff stored in every nook and cranny? Some people may be so organized that storage is not a problem for them. But to most of us finding storage space is not an easy problem to solve. When the question of storage space comes up, everyone seems to respond differently. Many of us have already outgrown our closets. Climbing in and out of the attic can be a challenge to most; and to others it has become impossibility. So what is one to do? Does it make sense to add storage space to your home? In most cases it does not make economic sense to spend money just to add storage space. But there are two exceptions to this rule that do make economic sense, especially in the current economic turmoil.

Recreate current space to be more efficient.

Do you have a room that is seldom used? Perhaps you have a spare bedroom that is used three or four times a year. Maybe you have den that looks nice, but no one really recalls the last time it functioned as a den- it is just "there". Recreate the space. It is not necessary to give-up the functional space or stop using it as it was originally intended. Modify the space to meet both purposes. Closets, shelves, storage areas can be created with out dramatically altering the original intent of the room. Walls can be relocated. Rooms can be merged and/or large rooms can usually be divided. Existing closets and pantries can also be made larger. There are lots of minor changes that can be implemented to solve space problems. Recreate the space!

Add living space to the home.

If recreating space isn't an option, then add space. Most people have positive thoughts about enlarging their living area. If you have been thinking about adding space, now is the time to kill two birds with one stone. We can add space to your home and do it in such a fashion that it not only increases your living space (and the value of your home), but increases your storage area at the same time. There are lots of ideas that can be explored. For example, you could take that bedroom that is way too small and convert it into a huge walk-in closet with lots of storage space. How about adding a brand new spacious bedroom to replace the old undersized room? Or enlarging any part of the home for your comfort and reserve some of the new space chiefly for storage. Adding space is likely far more economical than you might imagine. In fact, many banks are currently seeing a significant rise in home improvement loans. The credit market has freed-up, especially where there is equity. Now is the time to expand.

Categories: Cleaning, Home Improvement

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