Phoenix Plumbing Services to Help With Leaky Water Heaters

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Phoenix Plumbing Services to Help With Leaky Water Heaters

Posted By MyGuy || 3-Sep-2012

Handling a leaky water heater could be something do it yourself easy or Phoenix plumbing impossible. Don't assume from the start that you have to call a plumber if there is someone handy nearby. Not all problems need the help of the professionals, but if it is a major problem, there are many quality Phoenix, Arizona plumbing services to call upon.

If you want to check out the problem for yourself before making the call, this list of "what else could it be" besides broken down water heater may save you some money. Not all leaky water heaters need replacing.

  • Inspect the flex lines. The plumbing above the water heater should be the first place you begin to look at. Drips from the top will eventually fall down the sides of the tank and make the insulation of the heater seem like the actual heating unit is leaking. The water flex lines are a common source of leaks. Most often these will go bad and need replacing long before the water heater does. Move the insulation away from the flex lines to properly inspect them. Before you begin to replace the flex lines, shut off the water and check from a faucet that the hot water is no running.
  • Inspect the connectors. The flex lines are attached to the water heater by the connectors. The inner makings of these parts have thin threads which may often be the source of a leak. It is not so easy to tell if the leak is coming from the connector, but if you have already changed the flex lines and there is still a leak coming from the top, the connectors are the next reasonable cause. Changing these are a bit tougher of a job and will require the use of a pipe wrench and some leverage to disconnect the pieces.
  • Inspect the T and P valves. This is a temperature and pressure valve which is a more serious problem. If the heater is heating the water too much it could be creating additional pressure. If the T and P valve was moved and the seal was broken, air will get in and create problems. If the water pressure in the house is not up to par, there is a good chance that this part has malfunctioned. Make sure the water is shut off before replacing the valve. If the problem continues, call your professional Phoenix plumbing company to assess and help solve the problem for you.
  • Inspect the lower part of the heater. Check the drain valve for leaks. After the heater has been drained it is not uncommon for the valve to not close properly. You could recap the valve or better yet, replace the valve when a drain valve leak occurs.
  • If all else proves no leaks, there could be a leak in your tank. A leak inside the water heater is bad and will need the professional service of a plumbing technician to inspect and correct the problem.
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