Phoenix Plumbing and Drainage Problems Getting Solved

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Phoenix Plumbing and Drainage Problems Getting Solved

Posted By MyGuy || 5-Sep-2012

Do you call your Phoenix Plumber when you notice the first sign of trouble with your dishwasher drain? Many people would make that call right away. It is easy to assume that something will need to be repaired or replaced. You could save lots of time and money if you stop and follow these steps before you place your call into the plumber. Rule out drain problems to find the source for the stoppage problem.

Phoenix Plumbing tips for dishwashers which do not drain.

Plunging kitchen sinks are different than a bathroom sink, especially if it is a double-basin sink. You will need to block one side of the sink before plunging another. Any air gap will need to be plugged with a wet rag. Thrust the plunger with equal force in both directions, pushing down and pulling up. Without a good seal between the plunger and the sink, the effort will not be as effective. Put some petroleum jelly around the cup to help it along. If the plunging still does not help matters, you can try a snake or follow the steps below to solve a dishwasher drainage problem yourself. Keep water in the sink while you are plunging to notice when the blockage breaks.

  • Check your sink. Let the water run for a while to see if the sink pipes are draining.
  • Run the disposal with plenty of running water to thoroughly get rid of any build up in the pipes. If there is a buildup of debris in the pipes, the dishwasher will drain slower since most dishwashers are set up to drain through the garbage disposal.
  • If water comes out of the air gap while the dishwasher is running, there is a blockage between the air gap and garbage disposal. To clean out the clog, remove the air gap cap, find the large tube which runs from the cap to the garbage disposal and remove any debris. Also check for any buildup in the tube and clear that away as well.
  • The air gap tube will help you clear any build up at the top of this tube, opening up the connections between the drain tube and garbage disposal will help you from the other end. Stick a screwdriver in the tube and wiggle it around inside to find any blockage in the lower end of the tube. Clean out anything you find.
  • Clean out the whole drain tube. Disconnect both ends to make sure it is not plugged in the center. Run water through after the debris is cleared to make sure it is all gone before reattaching it.

If your dishwasher is still not draining properly after following these tips, then you should indeed call your Phoenix, Arizona plumbing company. Letting drain problems get out of hand will cause more damage in the long run. MyGuy offers contact information for the best Phoenix plumbers in the area. Scroll through the list and find one which offers the services you need. Use the provided phone numbers to find out which plumbing service will be right for you.

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