Repair don't replace your carpet

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Repair don't replace your carpet

Posted By MyGuy || 22-Apr-2013

According to the Phoenix, ToFixIt carpet repair experts, they will often get a call from a frantic homeowner or renter who has just discovered what their pet has done to the carpet. They have seen damage from ferrets, monkeys, cats, dogs, birds and half the circus. Pets can chew, scratch and otherwise damage your carpet. Things get dropped and spilled and are not easily cleanable like red wine, bleach or burn marks from candles or cigarettes to just name a few. The experts recognize understand that your pets are part of your family; life wouldn't be quite the same without them. Dogs and cats often have separation anxiety and they can dig or chew holes in carpets. Cats also have the natural instinct to scratch and often make the perfect scratching post out of a spot of your carpet on the stairs or of their choosing. The professional, technicians have a playbook of fixes that can be utilized for your carpet repair.

These carpet repairs can be the aftermath of pet damage, a bleach spot, a burn mark, a pet or human stain, food stain, rust stain or anything that requires a patch. This may often require you to contact the experts. They have perfected the technique of repairing using permanent sections. The carpet repair experts strategically section out the damaged carpet and patch in a new piece of matching carpet so it looks like it belongs. If you do not have any new carpet remnants they can take a piece from an inconspicuous place, in your home, such as the back of a closet. The expert carpet repair company trucks will often be stocked with a supply of extra types of carpet remnants, in some of the most common weights and thicknesses. Many will often even have carpet padding on hand just in case. They utilize the matching carpet, to patch the damaged, ripped, stained, rippled, snagged, burned or unraveled area and can use the truck stock carpet remnants, to patch the closet or inconspicuous area that the patch was removed to replace the damaged area. Your carpet repair specialist utilize seaming tape, a seaming iron and latex the edges to perform miniature carpet surgeries on a daily basis. Occasionally, carpet re-stretching is necessary if the damage is at doorways or a threshold that meets tile, wood or laminate flooring. This is not a problem for the expert technicians. The professional should be prepared to do this type of repair.

Do you know that they can often repair Berber carpet?

• Berber carpet is a looped pile carpet that is often used for its durability. In the mill, Berber carpet is woven using a single strand of carpet fiber or yarn as opposed to cut pile carpet that is woven using individual tufts of yarn. Because of the way Berber carpet is made, one snag can cause it to unravel like a sweater, exposing row upon row of bare carpet, that is unsightly as well as a danger in a home or in a commercial space.

• Modern vacuum cleaners, pet claws, shoes such as heels can easily cause snags in your Berber carpet causing damage to your beautiful carpet.

• Berber carpet repairs require real technical expertise and creativity. They either have to surgically weave in new carpet fiber loops for a few rows or if the damage is severe, they can section out the damaged carpet and replace it with a matching section provided by the home owner.

• If your Berber carpet is patterned, even more technical skill and expertise is required ensuring the replacement is fully integrated with the carpet pattern, so that the repair is unnoticeable. Many homes in the valley require carpet stretching services.

Customers are bothered by carpet that has unsightly and dangerous bumps, creases and ripples in their carpet. Carpets seem to have a life of their own. One day they are fresh and new and then a year or so later they seem loose and lifeless. What happened? Is this normal in the life of your carpet?

There are three main reasons carpet can become loose and develop ripples;

1. The first and most common reason you may need your carpet re-stretch is the result of poor or improper installation. Correct carpet installation involves power stretching of carpet, pulling it drum-tight from wall to wall. The Phoenix, experts use a power stretcher to do this. Many carpet installers rely solely on a knee kicker. But, knee kickers alone are not designed to stretch the carpet, only to set the carpet on the tack strip. So the carpet appears to be well-stretched, but as you walk across it, play on it, move furniture around and otherwise "live" on it, the beautiful carpet quickly gets rippled and looks loose.

2. Another reason the experts may have to power-stretch carpet is because the tack-strips start coming loose. This happens on occasion. They can re-set the tack strips and then power-stretch the carpet back to drum-tight which is the industry standard.

3. The third reason for carpet ripples is owner error and this common mistake. Vacationers and valley snowbirds leave their air conditioners turned off or above ninety degrees for extended periods of time or seasons. In the heat of an Arizona summer, this is a death sentence for your wall-to-wall carpet. The heat builds up inside of your home similar to a parked car with all the windows up. This essentially relaxes your carpet making it wrinkle and ripple. Carpet has latex backing, so it is extremely sensitive to heat. The Phoenix carpet repair specialists recommend leaving your air conditioner set at eighty-five degrees or lower.

Contact the ToFixIt carpet repair experts, carpet repair experts to learn more great tips and schedule your repairs today.

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