Be prepared for Monsoon flooding

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Be prepared for Monsoon flooding

Posted By MyGuy || 20-Aug-2013

Monsoon season is here and it might be time to dig that umbrella and rain gear out of the back of your closet. Monsoon season means rain that can cause flooding. Whether you have a leaky roof, live in a low lying area or just have poor drainage, flooding can be a serious problem during our Arizona monsoon season. If you know you might have the potential for a flooding issue or just want to make sure your home and family are safe this monsoon season, there are a few simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and your home.

Learn some of the tips the experts recommend to protect your home during this year's Monsoons.

  • If you live in a low lying area, make sure you have flood insurance! It may not prevent the problem, but it certainly will help if anything does happen.
  • Install backflow valves on your plumbing system. These valves will ensure that water will not flood back up your piping through the sewer system or other water system.
  • Does your yard have proper drainage away from the house? The last thing you want is to cause water damage because you ignored a 1 inch deep puddle sitting next to your home. Make sure all of your landscaping near the home is level or drains away from your walls.
  • Make sure all irreplaceable items or important documents are not sitting on the floor where they can be damaged by water from a flood. For your important documents it might be a good idea to purchase water and fire proof safe.
  • For the few of us in Arizona with basements, make sure you have a working sump pump installed. It will pump water out of the house before a small flood causes major damage.
  • Every home should have one or several water alarms in key places to prevent floods, such as in your garage, your basement, or under your sink. Water alarms are fairly inexpensive and can save you from major damage. Most water alarms make noise similar to a smoke alarm to alert you to an issue, more advanced water alarms can go as far as to call you on the phone, email you or send you a text letting you know you have a potential issue.
  • Ensure you have working water shut off valve to the house and everyone knows where it is. Shut off valves are easy to test and can go bad over time. Simple shut your water off and go check you fixtures throughout your home. If you are still getting water out of any of your fixtures after a minute or so, you need to replace your shutoff valve. Don't take the risk of a small back up or leak turning into an entire house flood.
  • Most importantly if you have issues don't wait to take care of it. Shut your water off and call a water restoration or plumbing company ASAP. Many times the issue will be completely or mostly covered by your home insurance, especially if the flood is caused by monsoon weather.
  • Remember mold can grow in as little time as 24- 48 hours, so a quick response is a must.

It probably isn't necessary for most of us, but if you have a history of problems with flooding or roof leaks it might be a good idea to have supplies prepared just in case. Roof tarps, sand bags and extra plywood can go a long way in preventing a small issue from doing major damage.

If you have additional questions or want more information please call ToFixIt at 602-707-6602 or visit the website to find almost anything that you may need for your home, office or even life's needs.

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