Repair the bumps or damaged areas in your carpet

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Repair the bumps or damaged areas in your carpet

Posted By MyGuy || 10-Dec-2013

Are you bothered by a carpet with unsightly and dangerous bumps, creases or ripples? Carpets seem to have a life of their own. One day they are fresh and new and then a year or so later they seem loose and lifeless. What happened? Is that normal in the life of your carpet? Carpeting and flooring in general is one of the most expensive investments that a typical home owner will purchase.

What if there is way to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars and get a "like new" carpet repair for these common problems? The experts state that there are usually 3 main reasons that carpet can become loose and develop ripples.

Don't replace it, repair it! Learn more from the ToFixIt carpet experts to help prolong the life of your carpeting.

1. Poor installation. Correct carpet installation involves power stretching of a carpet, pulling it drum-tight from wall to wall. A power stretcher can do this to get it properly stretched. Most carpet installers rely solely on knee kickers, but a power stretcher will do a much better job. But knee kickers alone are not designed to stretch the carpet, only to set the carpet on the tack strip. So the carpet appears to be well-stretched. But as you walk across it, play on it, move furniture around and otherwise live on it, your once beautiful carpet quickly gets rippled and looks loose.

2. Tack-strips can occasionally come loose, which is the second reason carpet can loosen and ripple. These can be re-set and the carpet re-stretched.

3. The third reason for carpet ripples is owner error and this is a common mistake: Typically in Arizona, many visitors only live here in the winter or cooler months of the year. Did you know that the experts recommend that if you leave your home for an extended vacation or for the season; don’t leave with the A/C turned off? In the heat of an Arizona summer, this is a death sentence for your wall-to-wall carpet. The heat builds up inside your home, causing your carpet to ‘relax’ often resulting in making it wrinkle and ripple. The experts often recommend leaving you’re A/C set at 85° or lower.

When the repair is done correctly the damaged areas are not easily detected. It is important to keep those remnants from the installation of carpet. The carpet experts recommend that these extra pieces of carpeting are stored flat and in a dark cool place. This will help keep the carpet from fading and help the glue stays intact. If no remnants can be found to make necessary repairs, any small piece can be removed from remote, low foot traffic area.

If you have wrinkled, rippled carpet have it re-stretched and looking new before the holidays. Call 602-863-4948 or visit the website to find your local floor repair specialists.

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