Remodeling trends & lifestyle choices

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Remodeling trends & lifestyle choices

Posted By MyGuy || 25-Feb-2013

Gone are the days when granite was the hottest material to use in all remodeling projects. Lately, we have seen many customers chose to use cultured products such as Silestone or Caesarstone quartz when updating their kitchens and baths. These products come in a wide array of colors and styles. Although quartz products are slightly higher in cost than granite, they can be worthy of the investment because they have the added value of being resistant to stains, scratches and water absorption. These quartz products are basically, more family friendly. This is not to say that granite has lost its luster for many homeowners. It is known for, it's many striations and movement, granite is beautiful and can definitely add that "wow" factor to any new or existing room. Of course, your choice between these products can just depend on you, the homeowner's lifestyle and the effort you want to put into the upkeep of the materials you use in your home. The nice thing about these "face lifts" is they can be done within your budget and don't require a complete "tear down" of your home for a new updated look.

Another trend we are seeing when performing home remodels is the choice to install tile in certain rooms of the house or even throughout the home. Tile is a great addition to any Arizona home, helping to keep rooms cool during the hot summer and here lately, fall days. Porcelain tile is a nice product to install and maintain due to its durability. A rectified porcelain tile can be installed close together to allow for thinner grout joints. And like other stone products, the size, color and movement variations of the pieces can add life to any room.

An ongoing trend is to give your home a "face lift".

  • interior and exterior, paint color change
  • replacing flat paneled doors with six paneled doors
  • updated doorknobs
  • replace your baseboards with a taller baseboard style can transform a simple room into an elegant oasis
  • accent the windows
  • changing or adding updated blinds
  • installation of draperies can completely change the look and feel of a room

The nice thing about these "face lifts" is they can be done within your budget and don't require a complete "tear down" of your home for a new updated look.

These are just some of the trends, we are seeing homeowners request across the Valley of the Sun. Before hiring a professional remodeling contractor, make sure they take your lifestyle into consideration when making product suggestions. You are the boss, ask as many questions, that you need to understand the process and changes that will be done in your home, prior to the start of any remodeling project. In the end, it is you, the homeowner, who will be living with the choices of materials and changes that have been made to your home. Learn and use the professional general contractor's expertise, to help make the right decisions, ensuring that you are satisfied and love your remodeled home for years to come. Call ToFixIt today to find your local expert general contractor at 602-863-4948 or visit the website.

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