Identify the best way to protect your family

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Identify the best way to protect your family

Posted By MyGuy || 20-Nov-2013

Gone are the day's locksmiths provided simple services such as cutting keys, rescuing people from locked vehicles, cracking safes, and the intermittent rekeying and installation of locks. More ac­curately, today's full service locksmiths make available a diversity of expertise which readily meet the variety of needs by residential, automotive, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Encompassing the knowledge and skills of machinist, mechanics, carpenters and security experts, the locksmith trade goes beyond the traditional definition of a person who makes or repairs locks.

An increasingly dishonest society brings about the necessity of more security. Locksmiths are now more than ever adequately skilled to present confident solutions. The following information characterizes examples where proper safety measures could alter a negative and/or harmful outcome.

  • Residential dwellings are burglarized once every 15 seconds as reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Businesses face multiple security dilemmas from both internal and external sources: burglary, fraud, shoplifting, embezzlement and vandalism.

Whether personal, automotive or business, the call for protection has increased greatly. Locksmiths are able to identify the degree of risk to a business or individual, recommend, implement, supply, install, and service the best combinations of hardware to help provide the most suitable and reliable safeguards. The demand for better security has given way to more accessible and economical high security locks. Locksmith request of this modern world include but are not limited to electronic and magnetic locks, making and programming vehicle transponder keys, the sale and service of safes, master key systems, installation of access control systems, break-in repairs, and security consulta­tion.

We the lock experts are often asked, "What I can do to help protect my family."

The first step you should do is to take the time to evaluate all door hardware throughout your home. If any of them are two years or older they should be replaced. Typically, this door hardware is susceptible to lock bumping. Lock bumping is an intrusion technique that has been widely shared over the internet. New door locks have technologies that prevent this type of home attack and often cost the same as any other type of locks. The second step is to install a Charley Bar on all sliding glass doors because wooden dowels placed on door tracts can often be wiggled out of the track. A Charley bar is securely attached to both the glass door and door frame when in the locked position. We strongly recommend that every home and business have a fire safe to try and protect all of your important documents. It is important to remember that documents and possessions lost in a home fire can eventually be replaced but family mementoes can never be replaced.

Contact your local locksmith and meet with an expert to help identify the best way to protect your home, vehicle or business at: 602-863-4948 or visit the website.

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