7 Great reasons to add a sunroom

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7 Great reasons to add a sunroom

Posted By MyGuy || 19-Sep-2013

Your home is the cornerstone of your life. It’s your place to rest and relax, spend time with the people you love, build your future, celebrate your successes. And for most of us, it’s very likely the largest single investment you’ve ever made. So when it’s time to create an Arizona lifestyle at your home, choose your sunroom, patio enclosure or patio covers carefully. The experts provide great insight to help educate us on the best products and structures that would fit any budget or lifestyle.

Add Space and Natural Light - Anytime, Anywhere
Fill your home with natural light, and add the space you’ve always wanted - with one easy addition. A sunroom brings your home to life!

Bring the Outdoors… Indoors™
Enjoy the beauty, serenity, and energy of nature, all year round, in a glass room addition. Reap the benefits of an outdoor living area, 365 days a year, without inclement weather, pests or other intrusions.

  • Enjoy All Year Round

The new glass technology helps keeps you comfortable, even on the hottest summer day or chilliest winter night. It’s the extraordinary alternative to an ordinary room addition.

  • Improve Your Quality of Life, Everyday
    Create a space where your family will gather, not just for special occasions, but every day. The unique presence of a room you’ve chosen as a family brings loved ones together. This is sure to become the most popular room in your home.
  • Adds an Elegant Finishing Touch
    Bring drama and sophistication into your home and your lifestyle. Adding a sunroom opens the flow of your floor plan, and lends easy elegance to your entertaining style.
  • Benefit from Easy Construction
    Enjoy clean, efficient construction. Unlike traditional “brick and mortar” additions, a sunroom can be built quicker and with fewer traumas to your home and lifestyle. Your stunning glass room addition can be ready to live in within a few weeks, not months.
  • It’s the Room for Every Reason
  • Whether you’re craving a cozy family room, private spa, gourmet kitchen, dining room, pool enclosure, attic expansion, bird observatory or even a sophisticated master suite, a sunroom can make your family’s dreams come true.

Maintenance-Free Aluminum Pergolas

Beautiful and practical

Aluminum pergolas provide the same functional and aesthetic purposes as wood products but with a fully maintenance-free structure, incorporating natural wood grain effects in popular colors. An aluminum pergola is engineered to assemble quickly and precisely in your yard or garden. Every design detail has been carefully considered to enhance its aesthetic appeal and suggest a natural wood appearance.

Functional as well as beautiful

Each and every component of your aluminum pergolas have been engineered to assemble with flawless fit and finish. Every design detail has been carefully considered to enhance the aesthetic appeal and natural wood appearance.

Aluminum pergolas are built to last with heavy duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum, coated with an all seasons painted finish to ensure that your new aluminum pergola will provide lasting low-maintenance enjoyment for you and your family many years to come.

Other features of your aluminum pergola include:
-Weather-resistant paint finish withstands the harshest conditions, protecting your investment from the ravages of sun, rain, wind and extreme temperatures.

- A choice of HOA popular colors helps match your new aluminum pergola to your home, your style and your outdoor décor.

- Richly textured wood grain finishes simulate real wood for a more authentic, charming appearance.

- Color-matched fasteners integrate and blend in with the structure for a more pleasing appearance.

Solid Patio Covers

A Patio Cover provides elegant protection from the blazing sun and light rains so you can enjoy your patio when others are driven inside. Relax under your Patio Cover and let soft gentle breezes caress your skin and cool you on even the hottest summer days. Dine in al fresco splendor without fear that a summer shower will spoil your mood.

Did you know that these covers can provide protection?
- Harsh solar heat, UV radiation and rain showers
- Protect furniture from weather and animals

Here are some of the features:
- Extruded aluminum structure for strength and durability
- Low maintenance paint finish that will not peel or crack
- Rot resistant
- Insect resistant
- Lifetime warranty

Available in:
- Studio or cathedral designs
- Several HOA friendly colors

Available Options:
- Skylights for added light without heat
- Roof Fan Beam (to support locally sourced ceiling fan)

-Apart from being the perfect patio cover, this product also doubles up as an excellent car port, protecting vehicles from the harsh and damaging weather that they endure on a daily basis.

Turn your patio cover into an economical screen enclosure and increase the amount of time you can enjoy your patio, deck, porch or yard.

Screen in your patio cover for cost-effective protection from insects as well as solar heat, glare and light rains so you can enjoy your patio, porch or deck when others are driven inside. Relax in an economical screen enclosure and soft gentle breezes will cool you on the hottest summer days. Dine in al fresco splendor without fear that insects or a summer shower will spoil your mood.

Provide Protection from:

  • Annoying insects
  • Harsh solar heat
  • UV radiation
  • Rain showers


  • Extruded aluminum structure for strength and durability
  • Durable vinyl/fiberglass insect screening
  • Low-maintenance paint finish will not peel or crack
  • Rot resistant
  • Lifetime warranty

5 Little-Known Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight is beneficial for Alzheimer's patients.

Clinical research has shown that exposure to full-spectrum light throughout the day coupled with darkness at night can help improve some aspects of Alzheimer's disease-reducing agitation, increasing sleep efficiency, decreasing nighttime wakefulness, and decreasing nighttime activity in these patients.

Sunlight may lower risk for multiple sclerosis.

MS is more common in populations that live farther from the equator. People who move from a low-risk area to a high-risk area before the age of 15 acquire a higher risk of developing MS, whereas those who make the same move after adolescence retain a lower risk. These observations suggest that environmental exposure, and in particular, early sunlight exposure (which is correlated with vitamin D levels) in the first two decades of life, influences the risk of developing MS. Related to this finding, several European population studies observed that there is a lower risk of MS for births occurring after October and a higher risk for MS for births occurring after May. This suggests that maternal levels of vitamin D during the third trimester of pregnancy may influence risk of MS.

Sunlight helps heal psoriasis.

Exposure to sunlight is extremely beneficial for individuals with psoriasis. In one study, an outdoor four-week sunbathing therapy was shown to promote significant clearance of psoriatic symptoms in 84 percent of subjects.

Sunlight can ease mild depression.

There has been a lot of research on the link between sunlight and mood. One solid study found that sunlight actually increases levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain. On sunny days, the brain produces more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin than on darker days.

  1. Sunlight can improve sleep quality.

When sunlight hits your eyes, your optic nerve sends a message to the gland in the brain that produces melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep); the gland decreases its secretions of melatonin until the sun goes down again. In other words, exposure to sunlight during the day increases the natural production of melatonin at night. Low levels of melatonin production are linked to poor sleep quality, especially in older adults.

The experts offer this advice, on things you should take into consideration prior to you contacting a professional to discuss the options which would best suited for your family's lifestyle. When you call to set up a sunroom installation appointment, you may help speed the process by having the answers to these questions:

  • Are you interested in a sunroom, screen room, pergola, gazebo or patio cover?
  • What does your homeowners' association allow?
  • Where do you want the new structure built?
  • Do you want the new structure built on an existing slab or will new concrete be required?
  • Are you replacing an existing sunroom or patio?
  • Are any wires, sprinkler systems or gas lines buried near the job site?
  • Do you want full or partial shade?
  • How do you plan to utilize the structure?

It is always important to do your homework too.

  • Is Your Contractor licensed and Insured?
    Verify contractors are who they say they are. Check ROC & BBB for current information.
  • Reliable
    Premium-quality materials and offer a minimum one-year labor warranty.
  • Safe
    Will the work meet applicable safety standards and building codes?
  • Project Management
    Will a production supervisor inspect the ongoing progress of your project for quality & timeliness?
  • Flexible Financing
    Does your contractor offer financing options along with competitive project price and discounts?

Enhancing your home’s value is just one of the many benefits of adding a sunroom or patio cover. Other benefits include:

  • Creating a bright, inviting ambience
  • Increasing your outdoor living space
  • Providing bug protection
  • Avoiding direct heat and UV exposure

Throughout the entire process these are suggested guidelines that you should expect from your contractor.

Free no obligation in-home consultation through final review, there should be continual updates and communication throughout the process.

  • Designer will determine your sunroom, screen room, gazebo, pergola or shade cover needs and review style options.
  • Designer will walk the grounds, take measurements, draw up plans and discuss timelines and payment options
  • Company will order your materials, set up an installation dates, verify all required permits and get started.
  • Company will clean the job site when the project is done, conduct a final inspection and review all product and service warranties.

Contact ToFixIt for your local contractor to learn the best options in your budget for an addition of a sunroom or patio enclosure.

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