The truth when it comes to painting

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The truth when it comes to painting

Posted By MyGuy || 5-Aug-2014

It doesn't matter if you are painting the interior of your house or the exterior; you probably have heard all sorts of different myths, many of which are outlandish and downright foolish. However, according to the paint experts, there are other suggestions and tips that have been passed down through the years that offer you the correct practices and the techniques that you should try and avoid. Have you ever heard that you should only paint when it is cool outside? Read to learn the best practices from the painting professionals.

The biggest myth is:

You should only paint when it's cool outside

If this proved true, you wouldn't get any painting done in Arizona. The Painting Contractor experts state," it really does not matter what temperature it is when you paint." Moisture has more of an impact on your paint than temperature, and that's not something you have to worry about. There is water in water-based paints. So naturally, when the paint is added to a surface it cools it.

The time has come to save some money and to go about cleaning and maintaining the biggest investment you have, the exterior of your home. All through the year the dirt accumulates on the stucco of your home from storms and rain. This needs to be removed to help your home look better and the paint to last longer.

  • A good pressure washing of the home is a fast economical way to add years to your paint.
  • You may even want to add a clear coat finish over the existing paint to help add even more years to the appearance of your home.
  • Be sure to also cut back any landscaping that is touching the home as this will cause excessive wear to the paint. As the limbs and bushes rub against the paint it allows water to stay in contact with the walls and this causes the paint to break down at a faster rate in those areas.
  • If you have wood Facia boards and trim it is good to have those freshened up also as it is far less expensive to maintain your trim with a new coat of paint than to have to do all the prep work of scraping, priming and then paint. Remember an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Some other common misconceptions that a consumer may have about painting are:

  1. Painting a ceiling makes the room smaller

You probably have heard painting the ceiling a color makes it look smaller. After all, almost all rooms have a white colored ceiling. It really just depends on what color you are using. Using a lighter blue can actually make it feel more open. After all, the sky is a light blue and you probably don't feel like it is small.

  1. Dark paint makes the room smaller

Someone obviously didn't like dark paint in their house and decided to make up all these myths. If you paint the room black and have all black furniture and dark flooring, then yes, it is going to look smaller. However, using a darker, bold color along with lighter furniture and a lighter color floor doesn't make the room smaller at all. It just adds a statement and personality, which is good.

  1. Paint your walls white when selling the house

The real-estate professional do not recommend repainting every wall white. It can make the environment of your home appear to be uninviting. When you moved into the house, did you want to paint every room? Of course not! Instead, if you want to upgrade the house for yourself and to possibly sell later, use a neutral, modern tone with fresh accents. This sells far better and looks great too.

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