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Prevent plumbing leaks

Posted By MyGuy || 9-Dec-2014

Most homeowners don't consider the effect of water pressure on their home. Now everyone likes a good strong shower but, pressure is not always needed to get that. When houses are built the plumbing system is sized for the pressure in the neighborhood it is being built in. If the pressure is over 80 PSI they install a Pressure Reducing Valve. The plumbing system will function properly and give the proper amount of pressure at the fixtures including the shower.

As the adjoining neighborhood grows and changes the needs of the municipal water system changes. There are more homes, new businesses, taller buildings, basically new situations where the municipal water system needs to increase their pressure to meet the needs of the neighborhood.

The MyGuy plumbing experts offer tips and maintenance programs to help you prevent costly leaks in your home due to water pressure issues, non-maintained water heaters or even your sewer lines.

With the growth of your neighborhood it is highly recommended to check you water pressure on a yearly basis.

  1. Water pressure is the push behind water.
  2. As water pushes into your home it has a free flow until the valve stops.
  3. Some valves in your house are electronically controlled. They can shut off and turn on quickly.
  4. When the push of the water (pressure) is stopped or started abruptly the force can hit the plumbing system with a shock. Eventually weak spots such as appliance valves, toilet fill valves, rubber laundry hoses or older water heaters can begin to leak or burst.

As bad as all of these sound the solution is far more affordable than you may think. It is far cheaper than most insurance deductibles.

  1. The answer is to first test your water pressure to find out if it is even a situation.
  2. If excessive pressure is the problem, the solution is to install a Pressure Reducing Valve on the water service entry to the house. Most plumbers will then set the pressure to 60-65 pounds which cut down on the wear and tear of the appliances and fixtures as well as helping not waste energy to heat water that is being wasted down the drain.

Fall and winter are known by plumbers as water heater season. The change in the incoming water temperature can reduce the amount of time you can count on hot water.

  • It is highly recommended to have your water heater inspected annually to inspect for leaks, water temperatures, and the general condition of water heater, presence of a drain pan to control flooding and perform a check of all safety systems on the water heater.

The safety systems on a water heater are highly recommended by the manufacturer in your water heater's owner's manual to be checked on a regular if not yearly basis.

  1. An unsafe situation on a water heater can create a catastrophic failure.
  2. The insurance industry has recommended that you replace your water heater every eight years to prevent a flood.
  3. Proper maintenance of your water heater can improve the life span of your water heater and help prevent a flood.

The fall and winter months are times of gathering and enjoying the many holidays and celebrations. Often the gathering of more people than usual in a home can bring a sudden awareness of the condition of your house's sewer system.

  • Most sewer issues do not happen suddenly. They are the sum of many years' worth of an issue that has taken years to reach a crisis point. Now I promise most good plumbers are going to respond on a holiday for you, but most of our customers do not want to see the plumber for Christmas.

There are many ways to prevent this uncomfortable situation of having your sewer system shutdown at a critical point in your life.

  1. Many plumbing companies offer a free camera inspection of your main sewer line.
  2. Second set up a scheduled maintenance of your homes sewer system. There are many ways to give the system additional capacity and life. Most plumbing companies offer Hydro Flushing of a sewer line. It can be compared to a quarter carwash or even a liquid bottle brush which will scour clean all of the buildup of years of use. It can return a line back to near new capacity.
  3. Please don't use the popular chemicals sold in the stores. They are often dangerous to you, your plumbing system and even to the plumber working on your system. Most often they are corrosive and will corrode your pipe prematurely. They will ruin the finish on the metal finishes on your sinks and fixtures. They can even make the line hard or even impossible to open because they will harden the build up so much it is impossible to clear.

If situations are found that require major repairs. There is good news. There is new technology that can prevent the major work and mess in your yard most people think of.

  • With new trenchless technologies you can replace an entire mainline in your yard from one or two pilot holes. Landscaping, driveways, water features can be spared and the new pipe can be installed through the existing pipe.

Major problems inside your house as well can be more surgically repaired saving thousands in repairs of the damage associated with old school repairs.

  • This technology comes with up to 25 years warranties. All of this work can be accomplished usually in the same amount of time as traditional repairs but with far less mess.

The experts highly recommend that you consider the advantages of an annual inspection of your home. It can protect your investment as well as the health and safety of you, your family and your home.

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