What window treatments will work best for your home?

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What window treatments will work best for your home?

Posted By MyGuy || 11-Feb-2014

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, you may look around your home and decide it may be time for an interior facelift. New window coverings can provide that special look that will add to the enjoyment of your home. But do you know what kind of window coverings will be the best choice? The blind and drapery experts recommend that you follow these basic steps to find your unique style and most economical solutions for your home.

  1. The drapery experts suggest that you should determine your budget range. Be realistic. You will need to take into consideration the number and the size of your windows. If your first choice does not fit within your budget, there are lots of alternatives that will enhance the beauty of your home. The blind experts also suggest using several types of window treatments throughout your home, so that you can have your first choice in some rooms.
  2. Who lives in your home? If you have small children, you should use non-corded window coverings, at least in the child's room. There are safety features on all corded window coverings now, but cordless is still the best option with young children.
  3. Do you need sun protection? Our southern and western exposures are the most intense and if your home does not have trees or patios to screen the sun from your windows, more energy-efficient window coverings would be an excellent choice. If the morning sun is streaming in your bedroom windows, you may opt for room darkening shades to allow you and your family some extra sleep in the morning.
  4. Do you need privacy? Consider before you choose whether you prefer complete privacy 100% of the time, or a moderate degree to maximize light. Your local window covering professional suggest that there are options on various window treatments or shutters and shades that will allow you to have your privacy and light, too.
  5. Do you have a great view? You will want to choose a window treatment that gives you privacy when you want it, but does not block your view to the outside world.
  6. Is energy efficiency a consideration? Although any window treatment will afford protection from the heat and cold, some treatments are more energy efficient than others. Sunscreens installed on the outside of your windows will aid your interior blinds and shades in keeping your home a comfortable temperature.
  7. Do you have pets? If your cat likes to perch in window sills, you need to be sure to install the right kind of window treatment to keep your kitty happily looking outside. If your dog or cat likes to scratch, then you may want to stay away from the more delicate fabric styles available.
  8. Do you hate to clean? Although all window coverings will need some attention here and there, some are easier to maintain than others and depending on colors chosen, some show dust more than their lighter counterparts.
  9. Do you have windows that are very high or are difficult to reach? You may want to consider motorization. With a touch of a button on a remote control your window coverings will open or close. This option is available on most blinds and shades.
  10. Do you want street appeal? Some window treatments are more attractive from the street than others. If you have several windows all facing the street, be sure to take into consideration the color and style of each blind, shutter, or shade so that street appeal is uniform.

Whatever your style or décor, find the company in your area that will be happy to meet with you to determine which window treatment will work best for you. From shutters to roman shades, we will show you what will work best in your home for your design, your budget and your life!

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