Have you ever experienced water damage in your home?

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Have you ever experienced water damage in your home?

Posted By MyGuy || 29-Jul-2014

Unfortunately, many people find out the hard way about the devastating effects that something so seemingly harmless can have on your home. Water! While it's common knowledge that it's not necessarily a good thing when water ends up on your floor, or in your cupboards,or many people do not actually understand the potential creates for a much bigger problem. While running to the linen closet for a hand full of towels to soak up visible standing water is important. It's even more important to consider what happens when the water migrates or floods into the voids and cavities of the home structure, where it is now untouchable to your towels and common household fans.

Due to the porous nature of common building materials, this migration will almost certainly happen instantaneously. Once inside, if left untreated, this water can wreak havoc on your most valued investment, your home, and could eventually create a situation harmful to you and your loved ones.

At best, you will end up with unsightly water-stained paint, swollen trim around the floor perimeter, and an unpleasant odor in your home that is impossible to get rid of! However, at worst, you could end up with anything ranging from a potentially dangerous mold situation, creating a hazardous environment and nauseating odor issues; to dry-rotted framing, which could compromise the structural integrity of your home!

Additionally, if the source of water is due to an overflowing toilet, there is added risk for potentially dangerous microbial issues.

These are all very real concerns.

It's easy to see that if you have a water loss of any size at your home, the sensible choice would include calling in professional water removal specialists, who have certified flood technicians to provide you the best options for your situation. These technicians are equipped with the all of the latest moisture detection tools, structure drying and dehumidification equipment, and the "know-how" to ensure against the devastating effects of water.

A common misconception amongst the public is that you need to have actual flood insurance to get coverage for a water loss.

  • The experts share that standard homeowner's insurance policies provide coverage for both the emergency services, and the subsequent reconstruction services that may be necessary.
  • Additionally, it is understood within the insurance industry that when it comes to water, small problems can become big problems in a very short amount of time.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to be proactive and act quickly, so as to prevent any further damage.
  • This is done by hiring certified technicians to take control of a situation.
  • Insurance companies know that a certified technician will follow standardized industry protocol, and will bill them via industry standardized pricing.

While insurance companies:

  • Can offer you a referral to an emergency services
  • Firm
  • Contractor in their network
  • They cannot legally dictate whom their insured ultimately hire for these services.
  • Everybody understands that in most cases "network firms" are not necessarily looking out for the best interests of the homeowner first.
  • They are usually a bit more concerned with remaining a "network firm".

The professional water removal experts recommend that a company that you hire for your water or flooding issue should provide a service which primarily serves your best interest.

  • They should pull out all stops in making sure that a situation is handled correctly, per the established Flood Mitigation industry protocol and should be available 24/7, with response times.
  • Once on-site, they can call your insurance company's 24 hour claims center for you with a complete and concise detailed report of exactly what has occurred in your home.
  • They should not proceed with billable services until we verify your coverage.
  • They should be able to guarantee pricing compatibility and will work within the parameters of any of the varying programs your insurance company may have.

Once the water migration is halted, further structural damage has been mitigated and the situation is under our control, our state-of-the-art drying equipment will remain in your home until the structure is dried.

  • This will be verified via daily moisture readings taken by technicians.
  • These readings will be documented and provided to your insurance company along with billing.
  • The goal is to be as minimally invasive as is possible while drying your home.
  • However, certain situations dictate that the only way to thoroughly dry down your home is through invasive drying techniques.
  • In this case, protocol may dictate that we have to actually remove materials such as drywall, trim or carpeting, leaving you in need of reconstruction services once the structure is dry.
  • Reconstruction services are also covered within a standard homeowner's insurance policy.
  • Keep customer informed and address all concerns during entire process.

Remember that that it is your home and the company you hire should respect the sanctity of your home and understand the importance of providing a quality product.

Contact one of the ToFixIt water/flood extraction, expert companies today to put your home back to pre-loss condition, or better, putting the disaster behind you and your family once and for all in a timely manner.

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