Sunshades can provide "cool" cash

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Sunshades can provide "cool" cash

Posted By MyGuy || 2-Jul-2014

Did you know that 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the window? The big trend now in Arizona, is shade screens, also called solar screens. These are the most affordable way to cut your cooling costs for your home. Shade screens can protect your home in ways you never thought possible like your carpet, couches, chairs, and curtains by blocking the UV rays and heat up to 90% (we also offer 80% for more clarity). So shades really are more helpful then we could have ever imagined. Learn about the latest trends and money savings screens can provide.

Shade screen mesh is extremely durable woven high strength PVC coated polyester yarn. The manufactures often use are Textilene or Phifer. These two types of meshes offer good ventilation and let soft light in while reducing the glare so that you can comfortably read a book or watch some television. They provide day time privacy which means you are able to look out and passerby's cannot see in.

Did you know that you can also get shade screens that help avoid glass breakage when you live on a golf course? These screens protrude away from the window 2 3/8", and with the durability of the mesh it deflects the golf ball. We all know how costly glass replacement can be. This is an inexpensive way to preserve your glass and windows from the stray golf balls.

When purchasing new sliding glass door screens make sure they are built with steel rollers and handles that make opening and closing the screen very easy. These screens are available in standard frame or heavy duty frame which is made of extruded aluminum. Look to see if they have mitered edges. These special edges help the frames from not bending and creasing. With metal interior corners rather than plastic clips that can dry and break it helps to ensure a longer lifespan for your shade screens. The newer screens are even bacterial and fungal resistant along with easy cleaning.

Sun screens are easily maintained, clean with mild soap and water, or if you wish just rinse them down with the hose. Your sun screens should be easily removed with unscrewing the screw and a turn of the clips, in winter months can be removed to let more light into the household. They are easily installed in spring time and summer months to begin your protection against the UV rays from the sun and heat. Or you can keep them on all year around the shade screen is versatile fabric that will endure years of outdoor use. The experts recommend that you check to see if the screens are flame resistant mesh and fade resistant mesh.

Shade screens come in a variety of colors three traditional colors are white, bronze and adobe frame. It is often possible to match the frame color that you currently have on your home. A few of these choices include a variety of colors: black, dark bronze, desert sand, beige, stucco, gray, white and brown. In addition, the experts offer grids to match the pattern in your window, and arches if you have an arched window. Even if you want to add something a little different to the front of you home. Shade screens offer a pleasing addition to your home. If your shade screen is a large one, a spreader bar should be installed so that you have the durability in the screen to help prevent any bowing, bending or sagging in the future.

Did you know that some companies will create your screen for you to install yourself? All you have to do is take your measurements. Shade screens are very economical, the one option that pays for its self in more ways than one. This will surely be the best decision you will ever make to protecting yourself and your property from the harmful UV rays and heat of the summer sun here in sunny Arizona. What are you waiting for? Call the ToFixIt experts today.

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