Expert Advice: Don't be Shattered by Window and Mirror Replacement!

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Expert Advice: Don't be Shattered by Window and Mirror Replacement!

Posted By MyGuy || 5-Jun-2014

How many windows, mirrors, and/or glass do you have in your house? For me, I have 23 windows and 3 mirrors. What do you do when your glass table breaks, or your mirrors chip, or your windows get foggy or break? The best thing you can do is call in a professional!

When a window or mirror breaks in your house, the first thing you should do is to stay away from the broken glass! Block off the area so that kids and pets cannot get injured. If you can safely clean up the broken glass, be sure to put on shoes, pants, long sleeves, protective eye glasses, and gloves so that your skin is protected! Then call a glass and mirror company to come fix the issue.

Many people don't realize that sometimes mirrors and glass can actually be repaired. I reached out to Don Robb, owner of Arrow Glass & Mirror to get expert advice. Don said, "If the mirror or glass is chipped or cracked it may be able to be cut down to a smaller size depending on the type of glass in question. In most cases, severely damaged glass cannot be repaired." So in general, it is always best to replace broken window glass with new glass. You don't have to replace the window framing, just the glass insert inside the window frame.

As a homeowner, I like to know what types of signs you should look for in case a window or glass needs to be repaired. "If a mirror is starting to discolor around the edges then it should be replaced as the discoloring will only get worse with time." Don went on to say, "If an insulated glass window unit has moisture or a foggy haze inside the two panes then the insulating seal has failed and it should be replaced." Walk around your house or business and look for foggy windows and discoloration. If you see these signs, it might be time to get a skilled professional to come look at them, like Arrow Glass and Mirror.

So, what are the biggest mistakes home owners and/or business owners make when it comes to glass and mirror repair? Don says, "Going with the cheapest price available is not always the best thing to do in any type of service work needed. Looking for a reputable company that has be around for a good period of time is your best bet. Yes, glass is glass, but who measures and installs the glass is just as important. We have been in the glass business for 20 years and have an experienced staff in office as well as in the field. We take great pride in doing the best job possible for our customers." If they offer the lowest prices, that should be a major RED FLAG when considering any type of service work to be done on your home or business.

Besides making sure you hire a reputable company, making sure you purchase the right type glass or windows is just as important! Are their specific types of glass or mirrors that are better than others? As far as home or business window glass goes, yes! "Double pane, insulated glass outperforms single pane windows when it comes to energy efficiency, and Low-E glass out performs clear glass," said Don. He went on to say, "Whatever your application calls for, Arrow will use the correct glass for your situation at your home or business. Mirrors have a few different thicknesses, and the edgework on a mirror can enhance the look of the mirror." An example of that would be Beveled edge mirrors vs. Flat edged mirrors. Whatever your personal preference is, most Mirror and Glass companies can handle those fixes - since it is more cosmetic than anything else.

Make sure the company you are looking for offers all the services you need. If you have to use multiple companies to fix your issue, then you are probably paying more out of your pocket! "We offer both residential and commercial services! Our residential team can handle anything from glass table tops, mirrors, and insulated glass units - to custom installed frameless glass shower enclosures. Our commercial team provides services, such as: repairing doors and closers, replacing broken or cracked glass, fixing leaks, repairing drive through damage, moving doors and reconfiguring storefront glass systems, adding and replacing bullet resistant glass, replacing and installing new glass systems. When you call Arrow Glass and speak to our team members, you can be assured that the person you are speaking with has had plenty of experience with the product you are in need of."

Walk around your house or business and look for glass that is chipped, cracked, broken, foggy, and/or discolored. If you happen to see any of these signs, call in a reputable company! If you aren't sure who you can trust, you can always utilize companies like TC Referrals, to help you locate honest and reliable companies!


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