Is money flying out of your windows?

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Is money flying out of your windows?

Posted By MyGuy || 11-Jun-2014

Do you know that the windows in our homes can look beautiful and still provide natural sunlight, fresh air through ventilation, and help prevent air loss that is needed to maintain your ideal indoor temperatures? However, if you have a crack in the glass, missing stops or vinyl, you could be just throwing money out of your window. These are just a couple of issues that can dramatically increase your monthly energy bill. When evaluating your current single pane windows, not only look for the obvious of broken glass, but for missing stops or vinyl as well. The cold or hot air can pass around the frames if they are not properly sealed. Learn some easy tips when inspecting your windows from the window repair experts.

You can easily test for leaks by holding a lit candle or lighter to the joint on a windy day, and see if it causes the flame to flicker or go out entirely. It is good to look for missing or broken locks and latches. These minor issues are easy to fix and are necessary in order to restore the window to like-new condition.

The actual glass unit of a dual-paned window or door has an internal seal that can fail, allowing moisture inside the unit. This will initially show up as condensation, but will eventually cause mold inside the unit. Not only can the stops and vinyl be replaced, but a new dual pane window can be installed to replace broken or fogged units. Many times, missing or broken locks and latches can be replaced as well.

Are your mirrors in need of repairs?

  • Look for any cracks or chips along the edges and on the face of the mirror.
  • Next, stand back three to four feet and scan your own reflection from side to side.
  • Look for waviness or distortion that would indicate that the mirror has shifted off of the wall.
  • Also look for darkened or black areas. This would indicate that the glue used has eaten through the reflective backing. Manufacturing recommends mirror mastic, but many times, other products are used instead and causes damage to the mirror.
  • The mirror repair/replacement experts can cut a new mirror to replace your damaged one, and then safely remove the old one for you.

Don't forget to inspect your shower. Not only look for broken glass (it could shatter,) but check the surface of the inside of the glass.

  • After many years, hard water will etch the surface of glass, making it seem cloudy, even after being cleaned.
  • Check the seals along the walls and in the corners after you shower to see if any water is passing through.
  • If you have an outdated metal-framed enclosure, replace it with an updated 3/8" clear semi-frameless one.
  • That would be the time to update your fixtures throughout the bathroom. There are many beautiful choices today to choose from.

We as the glass experts, suggest that when cleaning windows, mirrors and glass shower doors, use the mildest cleaners possible. To help extend the life of your window door, mirror, or window panes or glass, we advise against cleaning with any solvents or abrasive cleansers. It has been found that some of these chemicals can harm vinyl, PVC surfaces and other window components as well.

Most importantly, check out the business itself.

  • Are they licensed and bonded?
  • Do they have the proper insurance to perform work in your home or business?
  • Another great way to check out a contractor is to look them up on the Better Business Bureau's web site. They do a fair and updated review or rating. "Accredited Business" is their highest honor for a business.
  • Do not cut corners and let any contractor bypass or ignore safety or building codes. Using a licensed contractor should eliminate those concerns.
  • Read all reviews on the many sites that review businesses, such as Yelp, Twitter, etc. Read all of the reviews, both good and bad, and look for a response back from the company. That shows that they are aware of and care about their reviews.
  • We recommend to never pay for the entire job up front. Normally, only a 50% deposit is required. The amount can vary, but half is typical.
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