Expert Advice: All you Need to Know About Pool Maintenance and Repairs

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Expert Advice: All you Need to Know About Pool Maintenance and Repairs

Posted By MyGuy || 27-May-2014

Expert Advice: All you Need to Know About Pool Maintenance and Repairs

It is almost that time again…summer! As summer draws near, Texans are slowly getting prepared for the wonderful world of 100° heat. Now, many of us try to beat the heat. Some stay inside as much as possible, while others embrace the heat and take the perfect opportunity to cool off in a POOL! Yes that's right! It's pool time! But, before pool season even starts it is important to get prepared. So, what do you need to know and what do you need to do before summer starts?

I reached out to Ryan Johnson, with Johnson Custom Pools in Austin, Texas, to get expert advice. One of the first questions I asked him was what are the main issues or repairs that he starts seeing from pool owner's right before summer starts. Ryan said, "Filters are the main issue that we see. Filters need to be cleaned often; depending upon the type of filter you have. DE filters should be changed at least 2 to 3 times each year. With Sand filters, make sure it is backwashed weekly. If you have a Cartridge filter, you should be cleaning it at least once a month." The issue with filters is that if you don't clean them they can start to cause algae in the pool and can stop the pool from flowing properly. He went on to say, "Something as simple as cleaning or changing the filter can eliminate a lot of damage that can happen to a pool!"

However, filters are not the only issue. As a pool owner, you should be checking the chemicals as well. Taking time at least once a week to check the chemical balance is important. Once the chemicals are checked, adding the proper amount of chemicals to your pool is crucial! You should also be cleaning out the skimmer baskets as well. One of the most important items though, is making sure that your pump is running at the right time, for the right length of time! Ryan said, "We see many clients who are running their pumps at night, which is not right. Your pump or pool should be running during the day; especially in the heat of day. Run your pump for 1 hour per 10°. So if it 100°, your pump should be running for 10 hours. You want to move the water in the heat of the day because if your pool is sitting in sunlight, and not moving, then algae will form." So keep your pumps going during the day!

Another big mistake that Ryan encounters is that people will see a small drip of water on their equipment slab and ignore it. "If there is a drip then there could be a leak – and that means there is a lot of water loss." He went on to say, "Don't ignore it! A small drip will continue to damage you pump. A lot of pools have a water leveler, which means it will constantly fill. This will only cause you to have a really high water bill."

So should a pool owner attempt to fix their own pool? The answer is no! Ryan said, "We encourage you to call someone instead of trying to save a dollar, because you may end up doing more damage. Knowledge goes a long away. It may be something simple but could end up quadrupling your cost by attempting it yourself."

So what is the best advice Ryan can give a pool owner? "Don't hesitate to call or request service. It costs nothing to explain something on the phone. A good pool company will take questions over the phone or come out to your home for free. We have been in business for over 27 years. We build pools, we are a full service provider, and are certified. I can answer a ton of questions over the phone! You can send a picture or a video, and we can give you answers. If not, we will come out to your home or business at no charge!"

So before summer starts, be sure to check around your pool. Make sure your filters are clean, your skimmers are empty, your chemicals are balanced, and your pumps are running during the day! If you notice something isn't right, call in a professional! Not sure who to call, you can go to and view pool professionals (just like Johnson Custom Pools) who have already been prescreened and really are the best-of-the-best!

What pool repairs or maintenance has your pool had? Tell us in the comments section below!


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