Countertops can make a big impact

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Countertops can make a big impact

Posted By MyGuy || 20-Nov-2014

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common remodel project in a home and can offer a very good return on your investment if done properly. Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is a costly venture and should be well planned and discussed before beginning this type of project. There are numerous materials, designs, styles and colors to choose from. The average consumer can get lost just trying to decide what countertop product is right for the lifestyle for their family.

Choosing a counter top surface can provide a huge impact on your finished project. Learn about some of the most popular trends, including the cost and care they require to protect your investment.

Some of the popular selections are granite and quartz, but these can be some of the most expensive surfaces and they require maintenance to continue looking good.


  • most sought after countertop
  • available in a wide range of colors
  • natural stone
  • The cost can range from $60-90.00 per square foot including installation.

The right granite can bring an entire bathroom or kitchen together, however, most people don't realize:

  • Some granite can stain quite easily.
  • It can be damaged with normal use.
  • Lighter colored granite is susceptible to staining from dark colored liquids.
  • Typical items most people have in a kitchen or bathroom can easily damage a granite countertop because of the porosity of natural stone. Hair dye or bleach, whitening toothpastes, abrasive cleansers and makeup are just some of the products that can stain a granite countertop.
  • Surface scratches can be polished out of the stone, but stains are non-repairable.
  • Cracked or broken granite can be repaired; however, repairs often leave a visible seam.
  • Granite counter tops should be re-sealed once a year to keep their luster.

Granite is great for customers that don't have children and keep their bathrooms very neat and clean. If you're not in that category then there are other materials that can provide a great look with less maintenance.

Manufactured quartz products:

  • very sheik
  • among the expensive products in the countertop world
  • are also one of the most resilient countertops
  • high functionality with a fantastic form
  • available in an array of colors, patterns, hues, thicknesses and has as many edge treatments as granite
  • maintenance is where this product shines

Manufactured quartz is made of 90% crushed quartz and a polyester resin to bond it all together. Crushed glass, metallic flecks and color pigments can be added to the mix to create speckled, swirled, or marbled patterns.

  • high resistance to scratching
  • polyester resin makes this a non-porous material which resists staining
  • doesn't need to be re-sealed every year like granite
  • Another benefit to quartz countertops is they are manufactured so they come with a warranty.

If you want a versatile high quality finish, then a quartz countertop is an excellent choice.


Many people don't even realize that concrete is a choice when it comes to countertop surfaces.

  • Polished concrete and stained concrete aren't just for floors anymore.
  • Lightweight concrete mixes have brought this material inside the home and it's making quite a statement.
  • Cast polished concrete countertops and sinks are a fantastic material to provide a modern look in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Concrete sinks can be made into shapes that other materials wish they could be.
  • Sloped back, trough drains, radius edges, seamless sink transitions, negative edges and a variety of colors and patterns are available in this product line.
  • Concrete does not make for a cheap countertop. You can expect to pay anywhere from $70 - 140.00 per square foot, installation included.
  • These countertops are hand crafted and require many hours to create, the more elaborate the design and style, the greater the cost.
  • The functionality and form of these tops exceed all others in this list and it's a very durable material.
  • It can be stained and damaged, but with care, this material can provide long term service and value to your home.

Cultured marble

Cultured marble was popular in the 1970's and it's making a comeback. Most people think of the old yellow bodied gold swirled formed bowl banjo top covering the toilet lid in grandma's hall bathroom.

Today cultured marble comes in a more palatable and complimentary selection and is still popular choice today because:

  • it's affordable
  • relatively easy to maintain
  • Any water based cleaner or a cleaner with a neutral pH and a damp cloth can clean either a solid marble or a cultured marble surface without causing damage.
  • Cultured marble can be stained and damaged, but with a little care, this inexpensive surface can brighten up a dull bathroom and cost about 1/3 of granite and quartz.
  • Cultured marble can be repaired if it's damaged, but more often than not, the repair will be visible.
  • If you're remodeling on a budget, this is a countertop worth consideration.

Put down the Ajax and Comet when cleaning your countertops! Stay away from the abrasive cleaners; they will scratch the most popular countertop materials. The shiny new finish will be left dull and lack luster with these products. Get a product designed for cleaning your particular countertop, it will keep the shine and protect the finish for years. Home-improvement stores carry a wide variety of cleaners for all types and for good reason. Find the right cleaner for your countertop and use it, your countertop will thank you.

Every countertop material requires maintenance, some more than others and they are all vulnerable to damage if abused, but with some care, the most used surface in your home can provide years of service and be the highlight of your remodel project.

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