Leaky Toilets Can Be A Tricky Plumbing Job

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Leaky Toilets Can Be A Tricky Plumbing Job

Posted By MyGuy || 24-Aug-2012

Curious about what is happening with the toilet plumbing when the water in the bowl seems to disappear? It's a good bet that you will not have to call a plumbing company in Phoenix or the surrounding areas to know that there is a leak somewhere.

If the water is disappearing in between uses, something is not right. Most often there is a crack in the bowl which has caused the water to drain. In many cases, the leak is above the drain which will keep the water running through the pipes instead of the floor. If you have water all over your floor, or you see the floor covering separating itself showing water damage to the subfloor, you have additional problems and will want to get them corrected as soon as possible. If this is the case, call your Phoenix plumber right away and have them inspect the problem. In most cases the toilet bowl will need to be replaced. Some at home fix it people can handle the job of removing the old and fitting the new toilet in. When in doubt, calling a plumbing professional to handle the job will get the job done correctly the first time through.

Some people are concerned with the costs of plumbers, but if you shop around and find the best Phoenix plumbing service available and consider the money you are saving by having a professional do the job.

Phoenix plumbing companies will save you time and money.

  • Plumbers have experience doing the job right.
  • Will be able to direct you to someone who will fix floor damage if the plumbing company does not have this as one of their services.
  • Keep water costs down from having to double flush.
  • You won't need to buy new tools to do the job.
  • Work will be guaranteed to be done right the first time.
  • Will take away the old toilet.

If you are going to do the job yourself, there are specific tools needed to get you through the job of replacing a toilet. You will want to have the new toilet bowl and tank, bowl gasket, trim caps which may come with your new toilet, bathtub caulk/sealant, flat-end riser tube, a trap wrench/water pump pliers, mini-hacksaw, rust proof washers, toilet seat, hold-down bolts, washers and nuts, plumber's putty, supply valve, adjustable open-end wrenches, a large screw driver, and a sponge.

Plan for the project to last the minimum of a half day when you are doing it yourself. Measure the area between wall and back of toilet so you buy a replacement which fits. Read through the manufacturer's instructions before you begin taking anything apart. Don't forget to shut off the water supply before you begin.

The task may be too expensive, time consuming or a project you may find to be out of your ability. Finding a plumber in your area which will provide a great service with competitive prices could take some time if you are a new homeowner or have just never needed to use their services. Those who rent call the owners or more often, the management company.MyGuy offers fast access to the best plumbing services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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