10 Tips for Pest Control and Elimination

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10 Tips for Pest Control and Elimination

Posted By MyGuy || 4-Sep-2012

Everywhere you go in Phoenix pest control and elimination is important since there will be unwanted guests of some kind trying to work their way into your home. These types of guests are unwanted. Instead of waiting and fighting defensively against the insects, rodents and birds, a homeowner can take the offensive approach and follow these 10 short steps to work at pest control and elimination of any future problem.

Pest Control and Elimination on the Offensive

  1. Around your home, use rock or stone instead of wood chips or straw. Keep potential hideout places for pests away from your home. If you have trees next to your home, keep branches cut back so there is no bridge access from the tree to the home.
  2. Any little cracks, gaps or crevices along doors and windows need to be sealed up and repaired. If you have a screen door, there is access to screens with holes small enough to help prevent unwanted visitors.
  3. Go through your home for cracks and gaps in foundation, siding, roof shingles and any wiring or piping which enters the home. Seal with copper mesh, steel wool, or mortar. Caulking is not best for pest control and elimination as some pests will chew threw it.
  4. Keep your yard clean. Don't let trash or litter accumulate. Prevent standing water and weeds. Outside trash cans should have sealed lids and any spills should be cleaned up right away.
  5. Lights outside of doorways are attracted to lights left on at night. Light bulbs with a pink, yellow or orange tint attract fewer insects. The further away you can keep your light from the entrance point, the better protection you will have from home invasion.
  6. Controlling conditions inside of your home to reduce the initial attraction. Go through the kitchen and bathrooms. Find areas with pipes coming in or where there may be gaps from connecting structures. An example of this is any area between cupboards and walls that may have holes left open. Bath tub areas may also provide gapped areas.
  7. Keep drain areas clean and dry. Any gunk or debris left to accumulate can become quite breeding grounds for many insects especially small flies.
  8. Recycled items should be stored at outside the home. If this is not possible make sure the containers are rinsed thoroughly. Keeping them in sealed containers will also help pest control and elimination attempts.
  9. Keep food items in your pantry and cupboards sealed shut. If the container it comes in does not seal properly, use storage bags or reusable plastic containers which will help prolong the freshness of the food item as well as keep the pests out.
  10. The cleaner you can keep you home, the better. The more you take the offensive approach keeping food and debris cleaned up, the less attractive your home will be

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