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  • Maintain and extend the life of your garage door

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Mar-2013

    Garage doors have come a long way in the last 50 years. Many of the garage doors installed in the 1960′s and 70′s in Arizona were the one piece or “knee knocker” type doors and wood sectional type doors. With garages comprising up to 35% of a home’s curb appeal, there is a large variety of garage door products available for every application and price range. The ...
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  • Check out your garage door

    Posted By MyGuy || 7-May-2012

    Did you know that the experts recommend that you do a spring and fall maintenance on your garage doors? A good preventative maintenance strategy is to apply any light weight oil (Lithium Grease Spray or purchase GDL from your garage door company) to the moving parts of the garage door – the rollers and hinges – annually. There are end hinges with rollers, which hold the rollers in the ...
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  • Extend the life of your garage doors

    Posted By MyGuy || 21-Mar-2012

    The garage door is typically the largest moving object in your home. Properly maintained and operated, a garage door and its operating system allow you; your family and your vehicles convenient access to and from your home. They also provide security and protect against the elements. Newer, insulated garage doors even help save energy. Don't forget that your garage door opener should be ...
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  • Enjoy your garage today

    Posted By MyGuy || 23-Dec-2011

    Epoxy garage flooring is a common alternate due to the ease of clean up and can extend the living area of your home. It is available in a variety of types, the Dual component is the most durable and is widely used for high traffic areas. However, the most important step is in the preparation of your garage floor to extend the life of your new floor. There are many kits on the market but you may be ...
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  • Garage Door Safety

    Posted By MyGuy || 19-Mar-2011

    Garage Door Safety A garage door is the largest moving object in the home. It is often operated by electric door openers. Proper installation, operation and maintenance and testing of the garage door and automatic opener are necessary to provide safe, trouble-free operation. An improperly adjusted garage door or automatic opener can exert deadly force when the door closes. This could lead to ...
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  • A yearly visual inspection should include checking for worn or broken rollers, hinges and springs, also making sure that your safety sensors are working correctly. You can extend the life of your garage door by yearly lubrication of the rollers, hinges and springs with a garage door lubricant available from reputable garage door companies. Do not use WD-40 because it will evaporate or grease ...
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